Not My Father's Son by Alan Cumming- dark times on road to reason

ALAN CUMMING is one of the few gay actors to have been embraced by the American viewing public.

Watch Me - Anjelica Huston

Picking up where A Story Lately Told leaves off, when Anjelica Huston is 22 years old, Watch Me chronicles her glamorous and eventful Hollywood years. She tells the story of falling in love with Jack Nicholson and her adventurous, turbulent, high-profile,

Watch Me review – Anjelica Huston’s revealing account of her A-list friends

Anjelica Huston proves herself an astute observer in her star-packed second memoirThe first volume of Anjelica Huston’s memoir, published last year, was notable for being a celebrity memoir with barely any celebrity in it. A Story Lately Told dealt most

Special Deluxe - Neil Young

Special Deluxe by Neil Young - the second installment of the iconic musician's memoirs. Quirky and wonderfully candid, Neil Young's new book of reminiscences is as compelling as his first book. He returns with more unforgettable stories about his six d

When child abuse is a family affair

BEING born to, and bred by, a sadistically violent parent is a life sentence.

Book review: Not My Father's Son By Alan Cumming

In one of the most interesting and unsettling sections of Alan Cumming's memoir, the actor talks about playing Hamlet on stage in 1993.

The Mystery of Princess Louise: Queen Victoria's Rebellious Daughter by Lucinda Hawksley

As a previous biographer once called her, Princess Louise was Queen Victoria’s unconventional daughter.

Different Every Time: The Authorised Biograpy of Robert Wyatt - Marcus O'Dair

Marcus O'Dair discovers the remarkable life of Robert Wyatt in this new biography. From being drummer and singer for Soft Machine to touring America with Jimi Hendrix, this book covers the highs and lows of Wyatt's career.

Special Deluxe by Neil Young review – ‘The proud highway of second thoughts’

From gas-guzzler to eco-warrior: the rock star waxes lyrical about his love of cars and the open road, then makes a sharp turnIn 1974, the singer-songwriter Neil Young was hanging out in a bar near his Californian ranch – the bar where his future wife

Not My Father's Son - Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming grew up in the grip of a man who held his family hostage, someone who meted out violence with a frightening ease, who waged a silent war with himself that sometimes spilled over onto everyone around him. That man was Alan's father, Alex Cummi