Go Tell it on the Mountain - James Baldwin, Andrew O'Hagan

Nothing but the darkness, and all around them destruction, and before them nothing but the fire--a bastard people, far from God, singing and crying in the wilderness!" First published in 1953, Baldwin's first novel is a short but intense, semi-autobiograp

Scorsese: A Retrospective - Tom Shone

Since emerging in the 1970's, Martin Scorsese has become one of the best known film directors. This retrospective pays tribute to him and his career, which is now into its sixth decade. By using his in depth knowledge, Tom Shone celebrates the work of

Go Tell It on the Mountain by James Baldwin, book of a lifetime: Passionate writer captures an essential aspect of life in America

I first read James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain in my sophomore year of college, when Giovanni's Room got me hooked on Baldwin. It broke my heart and made me want to jump up and down, unable to fully articulate my own response towards it.

Victoria: A Life. By AN Wilson

SHE may well have said “We are not amused” to the very idea of Scotland’s bid for independence.

Sugar in the Blood: A Family’s Story of Slavery and Empire

WHITE gold and black gold –the two are diabolically linked, fuelling Britain’s industrial revolution off the back of its colonial wealth. But when Leicester blacksmith George Ashby arrived in what was to become its richest colony in the 1630s, Barbad

Scorsese: a Retrospective by Tom Shone, review: 'jazzy, thumbnail writing'

Martin Scorsese should be remembered for his maverick spirit, not his commercial failures, says Tim Robey

Boris Johnson explains how to speak like Winston Churchill

The Mayor of London becomes a grammar policeman as he explains Churchill's favourite linguistic tricks.

Tennessee Williams review John Lahrs compulsively readable biography

Sex and madness: the troubled playwright who released US theatre from its puritanical straitjacketWhen Tennessee Williams declared Life is cannibalistic he was also speaking of art: he had a tendency to equate the two. As John Lahr notes in his mammoth ne

Touching from a Distance: Ian Curtis & Joy Division - Deborah Curtis

The only in-depth biographical account of the legendary lead singer of Joy Division, written by his widow. Revered by his peers and idolized by his fans, Ian Curtis left behind a legacy rich in artistic genius. Mesmerizing on stage but introverted and

Touching from a Distance: Joy Division and Ian Curtis, review: 'compelling and painful'

The memoir of Deborah Curtis offers a deeply personal counterpoint to the public image of Ian Curtis, says Oliver Arnoldi