Hockney: the Biography Volume 2 1975-2012: a Pilgrim's Progress by Christopher Simon Sykes

An enjoyably gossipy Life of David Hockney reveals the artist's inspirations, finds Mark Hudson

‘Please, Mister Postman’, by Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson’s memoirs turn from west London childhood to the Post Office and union politics.

Please, Mister Postman by Alan Johnson review: Political stories and personal struggles

FORMER home secretary Alan Johnson paints a brilliant portrait of British life in the 1970s and 1980s in the follow-up to his autobiography This Boy.

Only When I Laugh - Paul Merton

Known for his intelligent and often surreal humour, Paul Merton's weekly appearances on BBC1's Have I Got News For You - as well as Radio 4's Just A Minute and his travel documentaries - have seen him become an artfully rebellious fixture in our lives for

Selfish, spiteful and often sozzled — the REAL Queen Victoria

As A.N. Wilson notes in his new biography of Queen Victoria: ‘Some human beings change and develop, and that is their strength. For others, strength consists in their incapacity for change.’

Only When I Laugh by Paul Merton review 'no self-pity or special pleading'

He is now one of Britain's best-loved comics, but this autobiography tells a story of solitude and class insecurity.

Confused, unbalanced, brilliant: the Blanche Dubois of Tennessee Williams biographies

Thomas W. Hodgkinson says John Lahr’s ‘standalone’ new account of the life of the playwright, ‘Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh’, would be better if it didn't have to stand alone

Toby Jones; Maps to the Stars review; Rose Tremain; John Lahr on Tennessee Williams

British actor Toby Jones discusses his role in new TV drama Marvellous and Jason Solomons reviews David Cronenberg's latest film, the dark Hollywood satire Maps to the Stars. Also on the programme Rose Tremain explains the idea behind her shortlisted entr