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Great Britain at London's Lyttleton Theatre is written by Richard Bean and directed by Nicholas Hytner (the team that was behind the wildly successful 'One Man Two Guvnors').

The Iceberg: A Memoir by Marion Coutts review

Intimate and unflinching, this is a stunning record by artist Marion Coutts of the illness and death of her husband, Tom Lubbock Extract: 'There is going to be a destruction the obliteration of a person' Marion Coutts is a visual artist, working in s

Stand Up Straight and Sing: A Memoir - Jessye Norman

Grammy Award-winning Jessye Norman is a once-in-a-generation star, a singer whose astonishing talent, technical expertise and incomparable stage presence have made her one of the world's foremost classical performers of modern times. The possessor of a gl

Money: The Unauthorised Biography by Felix Martin review

This entertaining book offers one of the best explanations for the financial crisis that I have read When it comes to the dismal science of economics, I know how much change to expect from a fiver when buying a Creme Egg , but anything more complex may a

The Iceberg: A Memoir, By Marion Coutts, book review: A horrible

The Iceberg is, essentially, an account of a death and yet it is much more than that. It is an exquisitely expressed portrait of three lives operating in the shadow of catastrophe. Marion Coutts was the partner of Tom Lubbock, who was The Independent

The Setting Sun - Bart Moore-Gilbert, B J Moore-Gilbert

'I've always had difficulty imagining my father as a policeman. He seemed most himself in the informal setting of safari life, clothes disheveled, sometimes not shaving for days. So why did he join the Indian Police, with its rigid hierarchies and complex

The Setting Sun by Bart Moore-Gilbert review

Snatches of memoir, travelogue and history add intrigue to this son's search for his father's colonial past In 2008 Bart Moore-Gilbert was a middle-aged academic teaching post-colonial studies at Goldsmiths College, London. His interest was pricked when h

Good Morning, Mr Mandela - Zelda la Grange

Zelda la Grange grew up in South Africa as a white Afrikaner who supported the rules of segregation. Yet just a few years after the end of Apartheid she would become a most trusted assistant to Nelson Mandela, growing to respect and cherish the man she ha

The Iceberg: A Memoir - Marion Coutts

In 2008 the art critic Tom Lubbock was diagnosed with a brain tumour. The tumour was located in the area controlling speech and language, and would eventually rob him of the ability to speak. He died early in 2011. Marion Coutts was his wife. In short bu

Elvis Has Left the Building - Dylan Jones

The King departed this world during the month of punk rocks apotheosis. Punk had set out to destroy Elvis, or at least everything he came to represent, but never got the chance. Elvis destroyed himself before anyone else could. Nearly forty years after hi