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The punk who inspired a generation of British woman to pick up a guitar

A review of Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys, by Viv Albertine. A funny, rude, tender, and superbly written memoir.

Headhunters: The Search for a Science of the Mind by Ben Shephard, review

Christopher Harding on the quixotic adventures of four 19th-century scientists of the mind

What the **** Is Normal?! by Francesca Martinez, review: 'entertaining and moving'

The childhood memoir from a comedian with cerebral palsy reveals a strong woman, says Viv Groskop

Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?: A Memoir - Roz Chast

In her first memoir, Roz Chast brings her signature wit to the topic of aging parents. Spanning the last several years of their lives and told through four-color cartoons, family photos, and documents, and a narrative as rife with laughs as it is with tea

The Wrong Knickers: A Decade of Chaos review Bryony Gordon's years as a real-life Bridget Jones

As memoirs of a woman's 20s go, these sex-soaked, drug-fuelled musings are not for the faint-hearted.

My Life as a Foreign Country by Brian Turner, review: 'war made into a poem'

A soldier with the soul of a poet has written a remarkable memoir, says Joanna Bourke

A Parallel Life - Bonnie Greer

Award-winning playwright, author and critic Bonnie Greer opens her heart and her history in this beautiful, emotive and honest biography. From her early years in segregated, racist Chicago to the months in New York City that would lead to her first steps

Hillary Clinton’s autobiography seems destined to join her husband’s - in a bin marked ‘Free’

A review of Hard Choices: A Memoir, by Hillary Rodham Clinton. The endless clichés and pseudo-details make her sound more reptilian than she probably is

A car-jacking and terrorist attack: The near death experiences of Benedict Cumberbatch

AS NIGEL GOODALL publishes his biography of Britain's brightest actor, he reveals the two shocking incidents that could have been the death of the Sherlock star.

Benedict Cumberbatch - Nigel Goodall

Benedict Cumberbatch is an award-winning actor with a bright future. His portrayal of [Sherlock Holmes] and his role as the main antagonist in [Star Trek Into Darkness] have made him one of the biggest names in acting at the moment. Benedict Cumberbatch: