Funny Girl by Nick Hornby, book review: Yet another genius idea from the Hornby hit machine

Warning: it’s going to be impossible not to make this review sound like a Nick Hornby lovefest.

The American Lover by Rose Tremain review loners, London and lust

This collection of short stories about isolation and loneliness is powerful and wide-ranging.

Balancing Act by Joanna Trollope review Observes the subtleties of conversation with unmatched attention to detail

The arrival of an estranged father threatens the delicate equilibrium between the mother and daughters who run a successful business.

‘Funny Girl’, by Nick Hornby

In his first novel for five years, the author turns his attention to swinging London and 1960s light entertainment.

‘Some Luck’, by Jane Smiley

A farming family adapts to changing times in the first part of an Iowa trilogy.

‘F’, by Daniel Kehlmann

A mind-bendingly circular tale of three brothers intrigues.

A Different Class of Murder: The Story of Lord Lucan by Laura Thompson, book review: Enduring mystery of Lord Lucan

On 7 November 1974 Sandra Rivett, 29, was bludgeoned to death in the basement of a house at 46 Lower Belgrave Street, London.

The American Lover by Rose Tremain, book review: A playful blurring of boundaries

For an author who has spent so much time in and around the creative-writing scene, Rose Tremain takes a bracingly sceptical view of the literary vocation.

Emma: a Modern Retelling by Alexander McCall Smith, review: 'hastily written'

Alexander McCall Smith's attempt to transplant 'Emma' into the modern world isn't radical enough