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The Arsonist by Sue Miller, review: 'moving and mysterious'

Catherine Blyth on Sue Miller's 'The Arsonist', a profoundly satisfying novel about a long, hot American summer

Randall by Jonathan Gibbs review 'every bit as cute as the art it caricatures'

Jonathan Gibbs's satirical YBA-era debut marries fiction and art criticism without short-changing eitherIn 1989, two years after graduating from Goldsmiths, Damien Hirst was hit by a train and killed. So runs the counterfactual premise of this satirical b

The Night Guest review an unsettling presence looms in Fiona McFarlane's accomplished debut

The tiger, imagined or real, prowling the pages of this atmospheric novel throws into relief human fierceness and frailtyTigers have long prowled the pages of literature, from William Blake's "The Tyger", in which he imagines a "tyger, tyger, burning brig

Summer House With Swimming Pool review Herman Koch's scalpel-like prose is a tonic for thriller fans

The people who are supposed to help heal cause great harm in this gripping psychological thriller narrated by a misanthropic doctor to rich and famous people in the "creative professions".

Hurricane Fever - Tobias S. Buckell

When a freelance spy is yanked out of comfortable retirement aboard his boat following the death of a friend, he stumbles upon a deadly terrorist plot to use a private space delivery platform in Barbados to launch a deadly genetic virus.

Malcolm Orange Disappears - Jan Carson

Eleven-year-old Malcolm Orange has grown up in the backseat of an ancient Volvo station wagon, crisscrossing America with a diminishing collection of grandparents, one good-for-nothing father, an increasingly absent mother, and an unfortunately ordinary b

Noontide Toll by Romesh Gunesekera review poetic and full of wit

These gracefully crafted road stories expose the simmering tensions in postwar Sri LankaSri Lanka is a land of arguments. Arguments that cause punch-ups on live TV, shoot-outs during elections, riots over religion, and wars that go on for decades. Our ci

Thirst by Kerry Hudson review working-class heroes

This story of romance and trafficking in Hackney and Russia is hard-hitting but never miserableMelvyn Bragg recently spoke out about contemporary television and literature's failure to portray working-class characters with intelligence, education or cultu

This One Is Mine - Maria Semple

The sparkling debut novel of Maria Semple, author of the WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION-shortlisted WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE, including reading group notes.

‘All Our Names’, by Dinaw Mengestu

A young man’s journey to the US from postcolonial Uganda