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How Queen Victoria saw off her seven assassins

Shooting Victoria: Madness, Mayhem and the Modernisation of the Monarchy by Paul Thomas Murphy (Head of Zeus,

The Future by Al Gore - review

Al Gore's alarming new guide to what needs to change in world politics is essential reading According to reliable reports, the new leadership in Beijing has been reading Alexis de Tocqueville. It's not hard to see why China's elite might look for guidanc

Empire of Secrets by Calder Walton - review

A study of 20th-century British intelligence suggests it rarely lived up to its name Empire of Secrets is, as Calder Walton himself writes, "the first book devoted to British intelligence during the twilight of empire that has been based on declassifie

The Heretics: Adventures with the Enemies of Science - Will Storr

Will Storr was in the tropical north of Australia, excavating fossils with a celebrity creationist, when he asked himself a simple question. Why don’t facts work? Why, that is, did the obviously intelligent man beside him sincerely believe in Adam and E