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The Jihadis Return - Patrick Cockburn

Middle East commentator Patrick Cockburn examines how and why jihadist organisations are growing in confidence again. The Telegraph feels that the book is: "indispensable for anybody wishing to understand a terrifying new phenomenon which is already s

The Jihadis Return: Isil and the New Sunni Uprising by Patrick Cockburn, review: 'indispensable'

Peter Oborne is impressed by a punchy account of the militant group being targeted by the West

The Most of Nora Ephron - Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron's brilliantly funny writing paved the way for female wits like Lena Dunham and Tina Fey. Here is a comprehensive anthology of Nora Ephron' writings on journalism, feminism, and being a woman; on the importance of food (including of course her

Rebellion without a cause: Peter Ackroyd's curious Civil War

A review of ‘Civil War’, by Peter Ackroyd. There is a fascination in watching the construction of a narrative that accommodates so little analysis.

Emerging Africa - Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu

To many, Africa is the new frontier. As the West lies battered by financial crisis, Africa is seen as offering limitless opportunities for wealth creation in the march of globalization. But what is Africa to today's Africans? Are its economies truly on th

Letters to Vera - Vladimir Nabokov

No marriage of a major twentieth-century writer lasted longer than Vladimir Nabokov's. Véra Slonim shared his delight at the enchantment of life's trifles and literature's treasures, and he rated her as having the best and quickest sense of humour of any

On Liberty - Shami Chakrabarti

On Liberty is the story of today's threats to our freedoms and a highly personal, impassioned plea in defence of fundamental rights, from Shami Chakrabarti, the director of the advocacy group Liberty On 11 September 2001, our world changed. The West's

The Bush - Don Watson

The bush: few terms are as powerful, and few as hard to define. Far from a conventional history of it, this is an idiosyncratic, highly original and insightful journey through Australian landscape, history and culture. Don Watson sees the bush in a way th

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate review Naomi Kleins powerful and urgent polemic

Naomi Klein pins the blame for climate crisis squarely on capitalism. John Gray fears the problem is much bigger.