The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History - Boris Johnson

'The point of the Churchill Factor is that one man can make all the difference.' Marking the fiftieth anniversary of Winston Churchill's death, Boris Johnson explores what makes up the 'Churchill Factor' - the singular brilliance of one of the most imp

Robert Macfarlane on The Old Ways books podcast

Travel writer Robert Macfarlane came to the Guardian book club to discuss his exploration of the ancient tracks that crisscross the globe Continue reading...

So, Anyway... by John Cleese, review: 'odd and troubled'

Helen Brown on the dark comedy and heart-rending sadness of John Cleese's early life

Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, book review: A manifesto to help the aged

Atul Gawande was a senior advisor to the Department of Health and Human Services under Bill Clinton, and this, the surgeon's fourth book, has been longlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize.

Comrades, unite! It's Russell Brand's Revolution

Rupert Hawksley reads Russell Brand's latest book so you don't have to.

The Churchill Factor by Boris Johnson, review: 'a breathless romp'

For all his levity, Boris Johnson's admiration for Winston Churchill is profound. But what is he saying about himself?

Revolution by Russell Brand, review: 'sub-undergraduate dross'

Russell Brand's call to arms is simplistic, incoherent - and all about Russell Brand.

The Search Warrant by Patrick Modiano; paperback book review

This slim yet powerful inquiry into the life of a French 15-year-old, who “runs away” from her convent school in 1941, was first published in France in 1997.

My Story by Julia Gillard - book review: A woman of substance who still gets the vote

Love her or loathe her, it is difficult not to admire Julia Gillard. The Welsh-born lawyer became Australia's first woman prime minister in June 2010, deposing Kevin Rudd in a ruthless leadership challenge.

Revolution by Russell Brand - book review: Witty banalities aside, the comedian has an authentic voice

How typical of England to produce a revolutionary who offers no route map towards a revolution. How frustrating, also, when Russell Brand has such a compelling and authentic voice, a quality that most prominent politicians ache for as they make their neur