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On Silbury Hill review Adam Thorpe's odd paean to a Wiltshire chalk mound

The perennially underrated novelist is hard to follow in this earnest fusion of nature, archaeology and memoirThis is a beautiful book. I don't mean the text; we'll come back to that. I mean the book itself, which is the work of Little Toller, a Dorset pu

Invisible: the Dangerous Allure of the Unseen by Philip Ball, review: 'a harvest of fascinating facts'

From X-rays to mobile phones, the modern world is pulsing with unseen forces, says Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

Radical Cities Latin America's revolutionary housing solutions

Justin McGuirk's fascinating study shows that Latin American cities have much to teach the world's architects.

Hillary Clinton: 'Forgiveness is hard'

The former Secretary of State has trespassed and been trespassed upon. Is she ready to be the next president?


In 1987, Van Gogh's Sunflowers sold at auction at Christie's for just under £25m, then the highest price ever fetched for a painting. "There are only 10-15 people in the world, and the Getty Museum, who can afford that sort of money," one dealer observed

Book reviews: Village of Secrets, The Greatest Escape

THE Auvergne villagers who saved thousands of Jews have inspired two fine books, says Roger Hutchinson