Hold Your Own - Kate Tempest

This is the first full length poetry collection from Kate Tempest. It is based around the mythical figure of Tiresias. The four part work follows him through his transformations from child, man and woman to blind prophet. The Guardian has called i

London Book And Poetry Events: 6-12 November 2014

Follow @LondonistLit for our pick of that day’s literary events. The people behind Richmond Literary Festival firmly advocate book igloos Ongoing Richmond Literature Festival is going on throughout November in Richmond-upon-Thames. Take a look at

Hold Your Own review powerful poetry from Kate Tempest

She may have been pipped to the Mercury prize, but her latest collection is a winner.

The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion - Kei Miller

In this collection, acclaimed Jamaican poet Kei Miller dramatizes what happens when one system of knowledge, one method of understanding place and territory, comes up against another. We watch as the cartographer, used to the scientific methods of assumin

The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion by Kei Miller review a rare accomplishment

The Forward prize-winning collection mingles grammatically correct English with patois to emphasise the different ways in which a place can be knownKei Miller's superb Forward prize-winning collection puts two different types of knowledge represented by

Paper Aeroplane: Selected Poems 1989-2014 - Simon Armitage

When Simon Armitage burst on to the poetry scene in 1989 with his spectacular debut Zoom!, readers were introduced to an exceptional new talent who would reshape the landscape of contemporary poetry in the years to come. Now, twenty-five years on, Simon A

Paper Aeroplane: Selected Poems 1989-2014 by Simon Armitage, review: 'colloquial and unpretentious'

Accomplished, ambitious and popular, Simon Armitage is a rare modern poet. By Charlotte Runcie

A Ted Hughes Bestiary: Selected Poems - Ted Hughes

Originally the medieval bestiary or book of animals set out to establish safe distinctions - between them and us - but Hughes's poetry works always in a contrary direction: showing what man and beast have in common, the reservoir from which we all draw.

A Ted Hughes Bestiary: Poems selected by Alice Oswald - book review: Joyous, vigorous observations of the natural world

A Ted Hughes Bestiary is a thematic collection of 100 of the late laureate's poems. Hughes's animal poetry is arguably the joyous best of him, and is full of a country-dweller's lived experience. Whether a damselfly in "Performance", a "Midget puppet-clow

Kate Tempest proves poetry has a place in pop

The music world should embrace the polymathic Kate Tempest, argues Alice Vincent