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Cosmic Disco - Grace Nichols

A sparkling galaxy of new poems by one of the UK’s most exciting contemporary poets. From Aurora Borealis, Sun – You’re a Star and A Matter of Holes, to Lady Winter’s Rap, the Earthworm Sonnet and You – a Universe Yourself, this is brilliant po

Cosmic Disco by Grace Nichols - review

Grace Nichols's children's poetry is filled with wonder, ordinariness and a kind, auntly wisdom What poems are loved by children? Or, rather, what poems are loved by adults for children? The Opies' Oxford Book of Children's Verse begins with an admonit

Selected Poems by Robert Graves - review

The greatness of Robert Graves, one of the outstanding poetic voices of the 20th century, was forged in the first world war "I write poems for poets, and satires or grotesques for wits. For people in general I write prose, and am content that they sh

Train Songs edited by Sean O'Brien and Don Paterson - review

A collection of poems and lyrics, from Tom Waits to Philip Larkin to WH Auden, makes for an enchanting tribute to the railways Among the tributes to Seamus Heaney that have circulated since his death in August was a photo on Twitter of the entire tex

Six Bad Poets - Christopher Reid

It follows the exploits of a group of hapless bards, more intimately connected than they themselves can possibly know, in their attempts to navigate the hazards of London literary society. Reid's colourful cast includes an ageing ex-offender, a lechero

Six Bad Poets by Christopher Reid - review

A half-dozen terrible fictional poets make amusing if sometimes stale targets in this accomplished narrative poem Six Bad Poets is written by one good poet. It is a satirical narrative poem that travels light. Reid's collection A Scattering , about

Little Armoured - Rebecca Perry

In 2011, Poetry Wales magazine awarded the Poetry Wales Purple Moose Poetry Prize for the third time. The judges, Zoe Skoulding and John Barnie, made their selection of the best short collection of poems, submitted anonymously, with the winner receiving G

Two Poems By: Rebecca Perry

This week's dose of new writing medicine comes to us from London-based Rebecca Perry by way of two poems

For the Greek Spring - Kelvin Corcoran

For the Greek Spring is a selection of Kelvin Corcoran's poetry about Greece, combining new work with poems from his previous collections. The poet's sustained engagement with Greece is evident at every turn. Corcoran's project is a re-imagining and rethi

For the Greek Spring by Kelvin Corcoran - review

Classical mythology meets modern ideals in a celebration of Greece English writers have often struggled to reconcile the glories of classical Greece with the country as it is today. On first visiting Greece in 1906, Virginia Woolf 's disappointment led