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The Tatters - Brenda Coultas

In this nuanced and moving new collection of poems, Brenda Coultas weaves a meditation on contemporary life and our place in it. Coultas, who is known for her investigative documentary approach, turns her attention to landfills and the odd histories embed

All One Breath - John Burnside

In this absorbing, brilliant new collection - his first since Black Cat Bone - John Burnside examines our shared experience of this mortal world: how we are 'all one breath' and - with that breath - how we must strive towards the harmony of choir. Recogni

This is Yarrow - Tara Bergin

The poems in Tara Bergin's debut collection combine sensuous, supple lyricism with the unsettling familiarity of folklore, fairytale and dream. They are inhabited by characters who seem at first widely different from one another, yet share nervous energy,

Speak, Old Parrot - Dannie Abse

2013 marks Dannie Abse's 90th birthday. In his lifetime he has published an astonishing array of work including poetry, fiction, criticism, plays and autobiography but it is as a poet that he is best known and loved. In Speak, Old Parrot he returns to

Pilgrim's Flower - Rachael Boast

A powerful new collection from the winner of the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry Prize.

The Hotel Oneira - August Kleinzahler

Kleinzahler's poetry is, as ever, concerned with permeability: voices, places, the real and the dreamed, the present and the past, colliding and intersecting and spilling over into each other. Whether the voice embodied is that of 'an adult male of late m

Correspondences: A Poem and Portraits - Anne Michaels

This beautifully conceived book brings together the best-selling novelist and poet Anne Michaels and the acclaimed artist and writer Bernice Eisenstein in a unique, accordion-style format. Michaels' resonant book-length poem, a historical and persona

The Divine Comedy - Translated by Clive James

Renowned critic and poet Clive James presents the crowning achievement of his career: a monumental translation of Dante's Divine Comedy.

At the Time of Partition - Moniza Alvi

This book-length poem by a leading British poet (born in Pakistan) is set at the time of the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, weaving a deeply personal story of fortitude and courage. Thousands of people were killed in civil unrest and millions di

Broken Hierarchies: Poems 1952-2012 - Geoffrey Hill, Kenneth Haynes

Broken Hierarchies collects twenty books of poems by Geoffrey Hill, written over sixty years, and presents them in their definitive form. Four of these books (Ludo, Expostulations on the Volcano, Liber Illustrium Virorum, and Al Tempo de' Tremuoti) have n