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Stanza Stones - Simon Armitage, Pip Hall, Tom Lonsdale

The newly drawn Stanza Stones Trail runs through forty-seven miles of the Pennine region, some of the most strikingly varied landscape in the world. The terrain bears the deep scars of industrial exploitation, as well as those less obvious: the signs left

Sleeping Keys - Jean Sprackland

Looks back at endings and beginnings: the end of a life, or of a marriage; old homes lived in and left, and new homes discovered. This book explores how the experience of change is painful, disorientating, even catastrophic, but also profoundly necessary

Instant-flex 718 - Heather Phillipson

Issuing from the body-mind's grisly interwedge, Heather Phillipson's poems are a protest against well-stitched seams, an off-loading of intellectual baggage, a shout from the deep-ish channels of fear. Phillipson's much anticipated debut collection, In

Selected Poems - Robert Graves

A new and essential selection from the range and bulk of Robert Graves's poetry, edited by Ulster poet Michael Longley. This edition will restore Graves to view as a major twentieth century poet, and demonstrate his manifold achievement as war poet, as lo

Parallax - Sinead Morrissey

Capturing David Niven on a magical marble escalator to heaven in 1946, recording L.S. Lowry's studio after his death, and peering into the illicit worlds of the Victorian Mutoscope, these poems document what is caught, and what is lost, when houses and ci

Zibaldone: The Notebooks of Leopard - Giacomo Leopardi

Giacomo Leopardi was the greatest Italian poet of the nineteenth century and was recognized by readers from Nietzsche to Beckett as one of the towering literary figures in Italian history. To many, he is the finest Italian poet after Dante. Leopardi wa

Coleshill - Fiona Sampson

Deep in limestone country, at the corner of Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, lies the village of Coleshill. This haunting new collection from Fiona Sampson is a portrait of place, both real and imaginary; a dreamscape with its roots deep in

The Water Stealer - Maurice Riordan

These poems report on worlds both robust and delicate, from boisterous pub-bluff to the oxygen bubble of an exquisite underwater spider. Whether situated in the quiet lanes of his native Co Cork or amid the bustle of his adopted London, Riordan's poems ex

The Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry in English - Jeremy Noel-Tod, Ian Hamilton

This impressive volume provides over 1,500 thoroughly revised and updated entries on modern poets active from 1910 to the present day. An extensive guide to the lives of influential poets writing in English, in Britain and around the world, this companion