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The Royal Opera House's Die Frau ohne Schatten – a dream solution to Strauss’s problem opera?

Conductor and cast deliver near ideal performances but the staging needed more focus.

Prince Igor, London Coliseum

Borodin's nationalistic opera based on the reputedly 12th-century epic poem The Lay of Igor's Campaign is problematic not only in that it lay unfinished at the composer's death (it was completed by Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov), but also in that its drama

Prince Igor, London Coliseum, opera review

The story of Prince Igor is suddenly topical, dealing with medieval Russia’s centredness in the Ukraine: how apt that this should be the first production which the Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow brings to London.

Prince Igor reigns

A despotic invader annexes a troubled state and casts out the rightful ruler. Given recent events, Prince Igor may not be the most sensitive choice to mark the UK-Russia Year of Culture.

Fly away on wings of wind: Novaya Opera

There’s a touch of Borodin bus syndrome around at the moment; you wait years for a production of Prince Igor, then two come along in succession.

Cavalli’s delightful L’Ormindo graces new Globe playhouse

There is something pleasurably straining, for the big-hall, velvet-accustomed operagoer, about the experience of sitting for three hours on a very tiny bench in a charmingly chiselled, candlelit little theatre that invites contemplation in its own right


In this exciting new collaboration between the Royal Opera and Shakespeare’s Globe, an English version of Francesco Cavalli’s 1644 comedy is lovingly staged by director Kaspar Holten and designer Anja Vang Kragh in the new, intimate Sam Wanamaker Play

Macbeth After Verdi - The Barbican

Refugee performers, fleeing from Congo, encounter a trunk containing sheet music and gramophone recordings of Verdi’s Macbeth. Inspired by the composer’s musical adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy, they tell the story of their own conflict-ravage

L'Ormindo (Sam Wanamaker Playhouse)

The Royal Opera brings Cavalli's comic-erotic 17th-century entertainment to London's newest performance space.

L’Ormindo @ Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, London

Don’t sit at the front of the Pit or the front left of the ‘stalls circle’ unless you’re happy to be fondled or scolded – that is, if you have not already booked for this wondrous piece of music theatre, and you can manage to snag one of the ver