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Review - Rock the Ballet - Bad Boys of Dance at the Peacock Theater

I'm a ballet fan, as you know, but I'm also a fan of exciting dance nights that aren't driven by pointe shoes and violins. And, I'll admit, I also get a thrill out of going to watch people perform who are, well, yummy. And the idea of watching "Bad Boys o

Rasta Thomas' Rock the Ballet , Peacock Theatre, London

Peacock Theatre, London: Dancer-director Rasta Thomas is little known in the UK, but his Bad Boys of Dance troupe's London debut looks set to change all that. The Californian born, ballet-trained Thomas performed with the Imperial Russian Ballet and the

Rock the Ballet review Bad Boys of Dance? More like a classy Chippendales

Peacock, London The material is recycled into routines that vary only marginally in response to their music Any show performed by men who style themselves the Bad Boys of Dance would, you would imagine, have attitude and technique bouncing off the walls.

Rock the Ballet, Peacock Theatre, review: 'The wrong kind of bad'

Performed by the Bad Boys of Dance, Rock the Ballet is the wrong kind of bad. The posters promise high kicks and big jumps; on stage, the Bad Boys don

Can ballet make you laugh?

The Concert may well be the funniest ballet ever created.

Daria Klimentová on Juliet

Daria Klimentová gives her farewell performances in English National Ballet’s run of Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Albert Hall, which opens on June 11.

Review: English National Ballet - Romeo and Juliet - Royal Albert Hall

It may seem odd but questions of age and gender discrimination concerned me intermittently throughout this show.

Romeo and Juliet, Royal Albert Hall, review: 'terrific evening'

Catch Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo in the lead roles, says Sarah Crompton

Romeo and Juliet: Carlos Acosta and Tamara Rojo are star-crossed dancers

English National Ballet's arena-style production of Shakespeare's tragedy is staged at the Royal Albert Hall Continue reading...

Romeo and Juliet, Royal Albert Hall, review: Carlos Acosta dances with ardent clarity

Stellar performances rise above the bustle of English National Ballet