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The Prince of the Pagodas, review: beautiful but bland

The Prince of the Pagodas was conceived and originally staged by the choreographer John Cranko, in 1957.

The Sleeping Beauty, Royal Ballet

Clement Crisp, veteran ballet critic, once expressed his appreciation for Ashton’s Scènes de Ballet by saying that “if one had to throw ballets off the back of a sleigh, this would be the last to go.”

The Sleeping Beauty, Royal Opera House, London

Considering how many cooks have stirred the broth of this work since its creation in Imperial Russia in 1890 it is a miracle that it has survived with such integrity.

Sleeping Beauty, Royal Ballet, review

No pleasing some people. While one senior critic has hailed Steven McRae as the most dazzling virtuoso dancer the Royal Ballet has ever had, another found his recent performances in Frederick Ashton’s Rhapsody "a self-regarding display of technical fire

Rhapsody; Tetractys: The Art of Fugue; Gloria - review

There have long been arguments about the existence, or non-existence, of a definable Royal Ballet style.

Ballet Black: Mixed Programme - Linbury Studio, Royal Opera House

Following acclaimed performances in 2013, Cassa Pancho’s company of black and Asian classically trained dancers makes a welcome return to the Linbury Studio Theatre. This exhilarating new programme showcases the bravura energy and virtuoso technique of

Review: Royal Ballet - Rhapsody / Tetractys – The Art of Fugue / Gloria - Royal Opera House

There are many reasons to come back and see this excellent programme but few are associated with the new work by Wayne McGregor that is so uncomfortably sandwiched between two modern gems in the Royal Ballet’s repertoire.

The Sleeping Beauty - Royal Ballet - The Royal Opera House

A wicked fairy places a fatal curse on the baby Princess Aurora, which the good Lilac Fairy softens to a sleep of 100 years. Only a prince’s kiss can break the spell.

Lord of the Flies - Matthew Bourne's New Adventures - Tour

Now the company brings to the stage a thrilling new dance production of William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies. The action is transferred from deserted island to deserted theatre. A group of schoolboys find themselves abandoned. With no adult

Bach to the future: The Royal Ballet's triple bill featuring Wayne McGregor - in pictures

Wayne McGregor's postmodern take on maths and the music of JS Bach is the centrepiece of a trio of works staged at Covent Garden which also includes Kenneth MacMillan's Gloria and Frederick Ashton's Rhapsody.