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Tamara Rojo's all-star war dance for English National Ballet

English National Ballet's new mixed bill, Lest We Forget, is themed around the first world war.

The Sleeping Beauty at The Royal Opera House review: An absolute dream to watch

GRANDEST of all grand classical ballets The Sleeping Beauty has more steps than the Eiffel Tower and more costumes than a Cher concert.

The Sleeping Beauty, Royal Opera House, London – review

The Prologue is ideal, though later acts are somewhat rushed.

Ballet Black review - old-school charm, new-age wit

Cassa Pancho founded Ballet Black in 2001 to provide a showcase for classical dancers of black and Asian descent and to introduce ballet to new audiences.

Cleopatra - Northern Ballet - Tour

An enduring icon of the ancient world. The ultimate modern woman. Beautiful, sensual and determined; mother, lover and queen. In a world ruled by men, this courageous and compulsive woman overturned convention and changed the course of history.

The Sleeping Beauty

Charles Perrault’s La Belle au bois dormant, one of the best-loved fairy tales, was first dramatised in England in 1806 and has been a great standby in British theatre ever since Grimaldi appeared in a pantomime version in 1822.

Ballet Black Triple Bill, Linbury Studio, London

Cassa Pancho’s small but perfectly formed company of black and Asian dancers fits neatly onto the stage of the Linbury Studio, as the big beasts of classical ballet continue to roar above them on the main stage of the Royal Opera House.

Ballet Black review - 'Arthur Pita's rollercoaster of weirdness'

Arthur Pita and a tutu ballet? Ballet Black may have excellent form in the commissioning of new and surprising repertory, but surely even they didn't expect tutus and pointe shoes from a choreographer who has created some of the most darkly deviant dance

Ballet Black, A Dream Within a Midsummer Night's Dream, dance review

Arthur Pita’s A Dream Within A Midsummer Night’s Dream shows Ballet Black’s dancers at their most classical – then gleefully twists that upside down in a burst of Shakespeare-inspired mayhem.