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Review: Royal Ballet - Rhapsody / Tetractys – The Art of Fugue / Gloria - Royal Opera House

There are many reasons to come back and see this excellent programme but few are associated with the new work by Wayne McGregor that is so uncomfortably sandwiched between two modern gems in the Royal Ballet’s repertoire.

The Sleeping Beauty - Royal Ballet - The Royal Opera House

A wicked fairy places a fatal curse on the baby Princess Aurora, which the good Lilac Fairy softens to a sleep of 100 years. Only a prince’s kiss can break the spell.

Lord of the Flies - Matthew Bourne's New Adventures - Tour

Now the company brings to the stage a thrilling new dance production of William Golding’s classic novel Lord of the Flies. The action is transferred from deserted island to deserted theatre. A group of schoolboys find themselves abandoned. With no adult

Bach to the future: The Royal Ballet's triple bill featuring Wayne McGregor - in pictures

Wayne McGregor's postmodern take on maths and the music of JS Bach is the centrepiece of a trio of works staged at Covent Garden which also includes Kenneth MacMillan's Gloria and Frederick Ashton's Rhapsody.

Royal Ballet mixed bill - review

Wayne McGregor is one of the most intellectually curious of dance-makers, and it was surely just a matter of time before he opted to choreograph the intricate musical mathematics of JS Bach.

Tetractys: Art of Fugue/Wayne McGregor starring Natalia Osipova, Royal Opera House - dance review

Wayne McGregor is not the most musical of choreographers, so Bach’s Art of Fugue seems an unlikely choice as the basis for his latest Royal Ballet work, Tetractys: The Art of Fugue, which premiered on Friday.

Rhapsody/Tetractys: The Art of Fugue/Gloria, Royal Opera House, London

All eyes are on the latest work from the Royal Ballet’s resident boffin, Wayne McGregor, the centrepiece of a Class A programme. Bach’s mathematical precision and McGregor’s scientific approach should have proved a fruitful union; the progeny of the

The Royal Ballet triple bill, dance review

Wayne McGregor’s new ballet Tetractys – The Art of Fugue has already proved unlucky.

Royal Ballet triple bill, ROH, review

This triple bill is an intriguing celebration of the choreographic art. Two works by Frederick Ashton and Kenneth MacMillan, Rhapsody and Gloria, are set either side of a new piece, Tetractys - The Art of Fugue, by Wayne McGregor.

Wayne McGregor: ballet meets maths

It has not been easy to reach Wayne McGregor, the Royal Ballet’s resident choreographer, but no wonder.