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Savion Glover: SoLe Sanctuary - Sadler's Wells

In SoLe Sanctuary, Savion Glover's reverence for the art of tap is put on the stage in the form of a living altar where he can pay his respects to the craft that he has perfected. Savion Glover’s unique style delivers much more than you might expect

James Thierree's Compagnie du Hanneton: Tabac Rouge

James Thierrée’s Compagnie du Hanneton contort, slither and glide amongst a unique steampunk set, developing a strange array of transient characters in Tabac Rouge at Sadler's Wells this week.

TAO Dance Theatre: 4 & 5 - Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells

In 4, four dancers appear to be moved by a magnetic wave, in turns pulling them apart and drawing them together without ever touching. They are accompanied by the music of Chinese Indie-folk-rock composer Xiao He, who also collaborates on 5, in which five

The Five & the Prophecy of Prana - The Barbican

Five young troublemakers are drawn into a power struggle that has divided a secret group of warriors. Given a chance to redeem themselves in the ensuing battle to restore peace, their action-packed adventure becomes a celebration of camaraderie and the tr

Review: Hofesh Shechter - Sun - Sadler's Wells

Try as I might, I just can’t warm to this Sun. Something significant and clever appears to be lurking under the surface of Hofesh Shechter’s newest work but it feels to me as if someone is shouting loudly and very fast in an alien language.

Review: Compagnie du Hanneton/James Thiérrée - Tabac Rouge - Sadler's Wells

James Thiérrée transforms the stage at Sadler’s Wells into a post-apocalyptic, industrial wasteland, the kind seen in sci-fi movies of The Matrix variety.

Tabac Rouge

A millefeuille James Thiérrée calls his latest epic fantasy, Tabac Rouge, a theatre of ideas, a crossroad of influences.

James Thierree: Tabac Rouge, Sadler's Wells, review

The latest production by Charlie Chaplin's grandson, James Thierree, will leave you scratching your head, says Mark Monahan.

Russell Maliphant Company: Still Current - Sadler's Wells

Still Current is an evening of work by the internationally acclaimed Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist Russell Maliphant; it features newly created duets and trios danced by his remarkable company and by Maliphant himself.

Mummenschanz: Musicians of Silence - Peacock Theatre, Sadler's Wells

Having captivated audiences with its unique brand of visual theatre for more than 40 years, Mummenschanz makes its first appearance in the UK since 2006 this summer. Internationally acclaimed, the company have toured in 60 countries on five continents, wi