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King Creosote - 'From Scotland With Love'

Scottish folk musician follows Jon Hopkins collaboration with more traditional songs.

Richard Thompson, Acoustic Classics, review

Acoustic Classics, a collection of newly recorded Richard Thompson songs, features 14 tracks culled from four decades in music.

Conor Oberst review contemporary Americana's dark heart

ABC, GlasgowThe one-time poster boy for angsty, lo-fi indie rock has matured emotionally, tracing an arc from depression to romanceEven if Conor Oberst has vacated his Bright Eyes alter-ego for the foreseeable, the Nebraskan remains uniquely entrenched at

CD: Richard Thompson - Acoustic Classics

There are two Richard Thompsons – the deft acoustic magician and the electric guitarist shaking the rafters and the bones of the most committed air-guitar headbangers.

From Scotland With Love review King Creosote's unsentimental history

If you've spent recent weeks gagging on cloying sports montage music, here's an uplifting alternative.

From Scotland With Love - King Creosote

Composed of eleven stunning and emotive tracks, From Scotland With Love was written by King Creosote and produced by music supervisor and guitarist David McAulay, with additional production by Paul Savage, in Chem19 Studios in Glasgow. From Scotland Wi

CD: King Creosote - From Scotland with Love

That King Creosote’s latest album was indirectly commissioned as part of the Commonwealth Games celebrations immediately qualifies it as one of the more interesting musical pieces to be inspired by a sports event.

Fink, Hard Believer, review: 'moody'

Fink's latest album is full of grinding grooves that listeners might find either hypnotic or tedious, says Helen Brown.

Acoustic Classics - Richard Thompson

Acoustic Classics, a collection of newly recorded timeless Richard Thompson songs, features 14 tracks culled from his 40 plus year music career. For the first time ever, acoustic versions of songs like "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" and "Dimmin

Album | Slow Club – Complete Surrender

Slow Club are on the cusp of becoming huge with their third LP, Complete Surrender; a more mature, fuller-sounding record than Paradise, and a million miles away from their debut, Yeah, So?