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Album | Tweedy – Sukierae

Jeff Tweedy has long since proven his worth in the general landscape of popular music. He has turned from young alt-country man into middle aged alt-rock legend. This time he wears another new hat, as he offers Tweedy’s debut album.…Read more →

Amidst Fiery Skies - The Willows

Outstanding young Cambridge folk roots outfit release the follow up to Beneath Our Humble Soil, nominated for Best Debut in the Spiral Earth Awards 2014. Joining forces with co-producer Sean Lakeman (Levellers, Seth Lakeman) and double bassist Ben Nicholl

The Sea - Martha Tilston

This album is filled with traditional folks songs about the sea that were collected, sung and played with family and friends. Tracks include: 'Shipwreckers' and 'Shallow Brown'. The Guardian called it: "an engrossing set that captures both the harshness a

Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone - Lucinda Williams

As a rule, you can divide music into three categories -- the kind that aims for the head, the kind that aims for the heart and the kind that aims for the hips. Forging two of those connections at once is pretty impressive, but connecting on all three? Tha

Martha Tilston: The Sea review embraces tradition with nautical ballads

Martha Tilston has carved her niche in the English folk scene with sharp, original songs that dissect the modern world.

Vashti Bunyan: Heartleap review breathy and frighteningly fragile

(Fatcat)Vashti Bunyan has had a curious career. In 1970 she released Just Another Diamond Day, a gently charming, if sometimes twee album that failed to sell. When it was re-released 30 years later, helped by reminders of how she had travelled across Bri

Albums | Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams

Over his 14 year solo career since leaving Whiskeytown, Ryan Adams has released 14 albums, ranging from the Americana sounds of 2011’s Ashes & Fire to the rather more obscure metal of Orion. Adams is a modern day musical chameleon, hopping…Read more

Album | Lucinda Williams – Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone

Lucinda has surely cemented her eternal place with the greats of country blues rock over the past years. Having recently got married you might forgive her for laying low and having a quiet time of it. Not so, for the…Read more →

Lily-O - Sam Amidon

This latest album from the singer includes the tracks 'Walkin' Boss' and 'Down the Line'. The Guardian awarded it four stars, calling it "Subtle and intriguing".

Sam Amidon: Lily-O review subtle and intriguing

(Nonesuch)Sam Amidons new set of reimagined folk songs is a compellingly quiet, intense affair that is remarkable both for the power of his understated, no-nonsense and often mournful vocals, and for the subtle arrangements that bring an urgency to his