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Erik Friedlander Nighthawks

For all the devastation left in its wake, Hurricane Sandy fortunately didn’t leave New York City a total wasteland.

Nighthawks - Erik Friedlander

This new album from Erik Friedlander, includes the tracks 'Sneaky Pete' and 'Clockwork'. Jazz Times said: "Throughout Friedlander continues to expand the expressive vocabulary of the cello".

Alex Garcia's Afromantra This Side of Mestizaje

Drummer extraordinaire Alex Garcia deftly balances finesse and fire on this delightful modern-jazz outing. From the very start of the opening cut, “Believe,” it’s obvious that the Chilean-born drummer has virtuosity to spare—check out his precise,

This Side of Mestizaje - Alex Garcia's Afromantra

With tracks such as 'Believe' and 'Landscape of a Thought' it is no wonder that Jazz Times described the album as a: "delightful modern-jazz outing".

Helge Lien Trio: Badgers and Other Beings (2014)

Since he signed to Dagobert Böhm's Ozella Music, Norwegian pianist Helge Lien has reached a new artistic plateau with his trio.

Badgers and Other Beings - Helge Lien Trio

Explorers of the Norwegian jazz habitat:New creations from the piano trio with the magic sound. This album is a rare moment to cherish and enjoy every second of. Awarded Norwegian pianist Helge Lien and his band developed their very own, distinctively nor

That's it! - Preservation Hall Jazz Band

The first album of all original material in the legendary band's 50 year history. Preservation Hall Jazz Band and its music continue to evolve as they embrace tradition and history while inspiring a new generation. Preservation Hall Jazz Band and My Morni

Tommy Andrews Quintet: The Crux (2014)

Saxophonist, clarinetist, composer and rock climber Tommy Andrews is part of a burgeoning British jazz scene, a scene that's notable for its wide range of talented young players.

The Crux - Tommy Andrews Quintet

It is not often that such a young artist presents an album that sounds so accomplished and mature, but Tommy Andrews is a saxophone player with a wise head on young shoulders. Jellymould Jazz is very proud to release the debut album from this award-winnin

Marius Neset & the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra: Live - Ronnie Scott's

The Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is widely recognised as one of the most important and creative jazz ensembles in Europe and, since its formation in 1999, has seen some of Norway’s most famous jazz musicians pass through its ranks. With a flexible line up t