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Anne Vanschothorst: EK IS EIK (2014)

Dutch harpist Anne Vanschothorst is pretty clear about her omnivorous attitude toward composition.

Ek is Eik - Anne van Schothorst

All About Jazz said that the music on the album is: "a stunning soundtrack quality". It includes the songs 'Where's Mo?' and 'When We Were Trees'.

CD Review: Melissa Aldana - Crash Trio

Chilean born tenor player Melissa Aldana made New York her home after graduating from Berklee College in 2009 and has quickly forged a formidable reputation.

Melissa Aldana & Crash Trio - Melissa Aldana, Crash Trio

Melissa Aldana and the Clash trio perform eight original tracks and two covers on this brand new album. London Jazz said the album had: "a thoughtful, intense, understated air".

CD REVIEW: Noel Langley - Edentide

When I first saw Noel Langley in 1988, he had not long graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and was just starting an amazing career in which he was to become one of the most ubiquitous trumpeters on the scene.

Edentide - Noel Langley

After decades leading the trumpet sections of major British big bands, trumpeter Noel Langley finally presents his debut recording, supported by a group of the British jazz scene's leading musicians. Notable contributions come from the pianist and comp

Dino Saluzzi / Dino Saluzzi Group El Valle de la Infancia

Argentine composer and bandoneón player Dino Saluzzi has worked in many different settings during his tenure with ECM.

John Escreet Sound, Space and Structures

U.K.-born pianist and composer John Escreet has always demonstrated a knack for the adventurous: When he arrived on the New York City jazz scene in 2006, his formidable improvisations resembled those of Jason Moran and Vijay Iyer—searching and explorati

Barb Jungr: Hard Rain (The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen) (2014)

Ever since Barb Jungr released her first album of Bob Dylan songs, Every Grain of Sand (Linn, 2002), she has been consistently praised as a Dylan interpreter par excellence.

Barb Jungr Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen

Many singers have dipped into the Dylan songbook, but none as deeply or masterfully as Britain’s Barb Jungr.