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World Music

Kasai Allstars: Beware The Fetish – review

The collision of beats falls into effortless trances, which starts with high soukous guitars before bottles and drums lock together.

Tigres En Fuga - Cumbia All Stars

Few musical styles have been as unanimously popular in Peru as Cumbia (also known as Chicha). Planting its roots in the suburbs of Lima among the children of immigrants and in remote cities of the Amazonian jungle, its mesmerizing melodies have resonated

Beware the Fetish - Kasai Allstars

The long-awaited second album by the mindblowing, mythic collective from Kinshasa, DRC is a collection of over 100 minutes of wild, trance-inducing, raw intensity. Their 2008 debut album 'In the 7th Moon...' made a lasting impact on the imagination of art

Tigres en Fuga review the Cumbia All Stars remain a mesmeric force

The Andean pop of Colombia and Peru shares the shuffling, infectious rhythms of cumbia, but where the former uses accordion and big bands, the latter favours the twang of surf-rock guitars

Kasai Allstars: Beware the Fetish review hypnotic songs show wild side of Congolese music

Six years after their debut album, the Kinshasa-based collective are back with a double album of lengthy, hypnotic songs that provide a furious reminder of the wilder side of Congolese music.

Dub Colossus: Dub Colossus: Addis To Omega (2014)

If you're a sucker for BIG horn sections, or something like the sounds of UB40 and Groove Armada, still have a 'lickle ting' for Bob Marley and Finley Quaye records and your Pops obsession with Two-Tone (as do we all surely), then you're probably going to

Various Artists: Rolê: New Sounds Of Brazil – review

The first disc is rocky, the second laden with dance beats; both are delirious.

Rolê: New Sounds of Brazil - Various Artists

Released in time for the 2014 World Cup, this album celebrates the fresh and new sounds of Brazil music. It reveals that Brazilian music is just as diverse as the music released in the UK and USA.

Rolê: New Sounds of Brazil review – goodtime sounds for World Cup fans

So, what's the best soundtrack for a World Cup party? Gilles Peterson's Sonzeira project, , is a major contender, and so is this ambitious compilation featuring 43 different new or experimental artists, some better known than others.

Dub Colossus: Addis To Omega – review

The collaboration is probably the first dub concept album about the banking crisis.