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Jerry Lee Lewis, Rock & Roll Time, review: 'oozes old-timer class'

At 79 years old, the veteran lends an air of oak-aged country depth on his latest record says Neil McCormick

The Ting Tings: Super Critical review catchy but superficial

(Finca Records)After their difficult second album reportedly torture to make, Welcome to Nowheresville wasnt much fun to listen to either the Ting Tings have made things a little easier for themselves on this follow-up. Perhaps too easy: Super Critical,

Yusuf: Tell Em Im Gone review still the Cat with the cream

(Sony/Legacy)Much of the excitement around the release of the erstwhile Cat Stevenss third album since his 2006 comeback has centred around the role of producer Rick Rubin, renowned as he is for giving a contemporary sheen to third-age actsincluding Johnn

Yusuf, Tell 'Em I'm Gone, review: 'understated'

Cat Stevens's latest record as Yusuf Islam can be a little underwhelming but has its heart in the right place, says Neil McCormick

Mother knows best: The best (and worst) pop songs inspired by mum

While family members have long provided songwriters with a rich source of inspiration, the trickiest relationship to encompass in lyrical form has been that of a musician with his or her mother.

Scott Walker & Sunn O))), Soused, review: 'self-absorbed'

This collaborative release should be reserved for masochistic listeners only, says Neil McCormick

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl on touring the USA on a rock 'n' roll pilgrimage in new TV show

Dave Grohl was once a high-school drop-out in Springfield, Virginia, who scraped a living by working in a furniture warehouse.

Why Scott Walker + Sunn O)))'s Soused is the one album you should hear this week video

Alexis Petridis recommends Soused, the new collaborative album by Scott Walker and Sunn O))), which he describes as a foregone conclusion: when two such towering figures of the musical leftfield are brought together, how could it be anything other than a

Superfood: Dont Say That review vigorous 90s-influenced alt-rock

(Infectious)There was no better decade than the 90s for Birmingham indie four-piece Superfood or at least thats what their debut album Dont Say That seems to say. For their dedication to Britpops golden years, look no further than the bands website, fash

Mallory Knox: Asymmetry review endearingly honest alt-rock

(Epic)Once you get past the awkward irony of such a sweetly melodic rock band naming themselves after Juliette Lewiss murderous turn in Natural Born Killers, Mallory Knox are a difficult bunch to dislike. Asymmetry exhibits a degree of polish and refineme