Rock & Pop

Soft - Dan Bodan

Featuring songs titled 'Good Time Summer' and 'Romeo', it's no wonder that The Skinny described the album as: "a series of caramel sweet mediations on matters of the heart".

Love and a Lamp-Post - Slice of Life

"A well-intentioned deviation, then, but crucially not a particularly diverting one" said the Skinny about this album which features the songs 'The Way Things Are' and 'The Home Coming'.

Queen Forever - Queen

This new compilation of the legendary band's music features unreleased tracks from sessions dating from 1981. Songs on the album include 'Let Me in Your Heart Again' and 'Play the Game'.

The Inevitable End - Royksopp

This is the second album to be released in six months by the duo, following on from the mini album 'Do it Again' which was released with Robyn. The latest release includes the songs 'Sordid Affair' and 'You Know I Have to Go'.

CD: Röyksopp - The Inevitable End

Röyksopp have mustered fantastic moments during their career, notably the awesome floor-filler ‘Eple’, one of pop’s most joyous, bouncy instrumentals.

Gospel truth

‘I’m starting to think that all of the world’s major problems can be solved with either oyster sauce or backing vocals.’

Chris White obituary

If you have a UK-produced CD or LP from what many regard as the golden era of pop, there is a strong possibility that the sleeve notes were written by the music journalist Chris White, who has died of a rare liver ailment, aged 61.

Queen and Michael Jackson in pictures

Queen Forever, a new compilation of the bands music, features previously unreleased tracks from sessions dating back to 1981, including a duet between Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.

Nick Drake: requiem for a solitary man

To mark the 40th anniversary of the singer's death, we reprint the NME's obituary, taken from Rocks Backpages, in which Nick Kent casts a wry eye over Drake's Cambridge education, assesses his output, and contests the coronor's suicide verdict.

A Taylor Swift reply to Spotify

The streaming service badly wants the singer back, but this could perhaps be her reply.