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Leonard Cohen at 80: 'The other side of the hill is no time to tarry'

To mark turning 80, Leonard Cohen is releasing an extraordinary new album dwelling on the world's big issues, says Neil McCormick

CD: Aphex Twin - Syro

Even if this album were dull, which it is far from, Aphex Twin Richard D James’ return would be welcome. Although he’s only a pop star in the loosest sense, his return via the “dark web” and a nonsensical press release reminds that he’s the eter

Kongos: Lunatic review John Kongoss sons aim for the world

(Epic)Brothers Dylan, Daniel, Jesse and Johnny Kongos are hoping to finally crack the international market. This debut has technically been available for years, released in their native South Africa in 2011, but is only just starting to make an impact

Professor Green: Growing Up in Public review slightly edgy pop

(Virgin)Professor Green hasnt had the best of times recently. This album was pushed back after an annus horribilis that saw him get hit by a car and postpone his tour for the second time in six months. But that turbulence has coincided with a period of ma

SBTRKT: Wonder Where We Land review tastefully edgy hip-hop

(Young Turks)By wearing vanilla versions of ceremonial masks to make standing behind a laptop infinitesimally less boring, and playing tastefully edgy hip-hop beats, the SBTRKT project, led by Aaron Jerome, has crossed over, and earned star collaborators

Fofoulah: Fofoulah review a bravely adventurous new fusion band

(Glitterbeat)Dave Smith is a remarkable young drummer, as those who have heard him playing with JuJu, or with Robert Plants Sensational Space Shifters will know. With his band Outhouse Ruhabi he mixed improvisation with the Sabar drumming styles of Gambi

alt-J : This Is All Yours review sublime hooks and textures

(Sony)Two years after carrying off the Mercury Music prize for An Awesome Wave, alt-J arent exactly pandering to the needs of an unexpected mainstream audience. Minus departed bassist Gwil Sainsbury, their second album exhibits the playful adventure Radi

Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems review an octogenarian rejuvenated

Financial worries may be driving his comeback, but Leonard Cohens songs of despair have never sounded so full of life and you can hear this new album in full hereIt is hard to elicit goodwill for someone who stole £5m from a pensioner, but perhaps anyone

Aphex Twin: Syro review a tour through brain-bending avenues

(Warp)The last time Aphex Twin released an album, 2001s double LP Drukqs, the musical world was a very different place. Grime was still just something that gathered underneath your fridge, Apple was yet to release the iPod and several of the current dance

Leonard Cohen Popular Problems: Exclusive album stream

Have a listen to Leonard Cohens thirteenth album ahead of release and let us know your thoughts! During a recent talk in Los Angeles, Leonard Cohen remained remarkably modest regarding his 13th album Popular Problems.Showering praise on his co-songwriter