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Thurston Moore: The Best Day review recalls prime Sonic Youth

(Matador)Dorian Lynskey meets Thurston MooreListen to a stream of The Best DayThere is a significant tranche of alternative-minded music lifers for whom the break-up of Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon and the dissolution of their seminal band Sonic Youth i

Jessie Ware: Tough Love review sensual and intriguing

IslandYou have me crying out, crying out for more, Jessie Ware murmurs on this albums title track, recalling Sades 1984 hit Your Love is King, which pivoted on the breathy refrain: Im crying out for more. Like Sade, Ware is a sensualist, gliding through h

Cooly G: Wait Til Night review stripped down seduction

Hyperdub Listen to Cooly Gs album streamMerrisa Campbell has been assiduously doing things her own way for more than half a decade. Signed to the UKs auteur-ish bass label Hyperdub after being spotted distributing her own home-made CDs, she made music as

Thurston Moore: The Best Day review former Sonic Youth frontman returns to noise-rock

(Matador) Thurston Moore interview: I needed to leave the United StatesIn the years since Thurston Moores 2011 album, Demolished Thoughts, the framework surrounding the former Sonic Youth frontman has collapsed: the US alt-rock godfather relocated to the

Neil Diamond: Melody Road review schmaltzy but well-crafted honeymoon album

(Virgin)Theres soppy, theres schmaltz, and then theres the latest from Neil Diamond. He remarried in 2012, and much of Melody Road radiates honeymoon period: trumpets tootle cheerfully, guitar melodies beam, cherry blossom falls from flutes, and Diamond

Scott Walker + Sunn O))): Soused review menacing but surprisingly melodic

(4AD)Scott Walker indicated after his 2012 album, Bish Bosch, that he was ready for a new direction after a trilogy that included Tilt (1995) and The Drift (2006). But after 36 years exploring the furthest margins of mainstream taste, it shouldnt surprise

Cooly G - Wait 'Til Night: album stream

UK funky singer Cooly G returns with an album full of late-night, lo-fi bedroom music ahead of its release on 20 October, listen to the album here Hyperdubs Cooly G uses her new album as an expression of sexuality: on tracks like Your Sex, Want, 1st Time,

CD: The Ting Tings – Super Critical

From the sonic vantage point of the Ting Tings’ new album, Katie White and Jules De Martino’s explosive appearance in 2008, with hit single “That’s Not My Name” and its lively mix of indie guitars, electronics and bolshy vocals, seems a long tim

Thurston Moore The Best Day: album stream

Following his elegant acoustic experiments, the Sonic Youth founder returns to alt rock. Listen to the stream ahead of its release and let us know your thoughts Thurston Moore Band plays first gig by accidentThe Sonic Youth founder and honorary east Londo

The 2 Bears: The Night is Young review deep house is rarely such fun

(Southern Fried)The charge most often levelled against deep house is that it takes itself far too seriously. The 2 Bears, however, are the genres mavericks, their willingness to take risks evident in their second albums overtures to reggae (Money Man) and