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Womad Festival 2014

In the beginning... there were three men - Peter Gabriel, Thomas Brooman and Bob Hooton who put their innovative musical heads together and founded The WOMAD Festival. This was 1980. It took two years to actually realise their dream and bring WOMAD Festiv

Beck's Song Reader, Various Artists, review: 'whimsical'

The recording of Song Reader is more immediately graitifying than his solo work, says Neil McCormick.

Aquemini - Outkast

It takes a few listens to sink in, but on Aquemini, Outkast have pulled off a rare feat in hip-hop: they've made a good record that's a masterpiece of subtlety. What's more, it's their third record, and they've yet to fall into a rut--and that alone puts

1983 - Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus’ albums are events. They’re not issued with a mechanic regularity and they don’t subscribe to recognized formulae. For those prone to astral traveling and metaphysical introspection they are another piece of the puzzle. For those, let

Salvation, Wakey! Wakey!

What a refreshing album this is. Filled with heart and emotion as well as many different styles, it is a record that has plenty to offer. Album opener ‘All it Takes is a Little Love’ sets the tone for the rest of the album being upbeat and confid

Womad 2014 review exceptional: classic energy and ebullience

From Sinéad O'Connor and Salif Keita, the Gloaming and 9Bach, to emotional reunions, supergroups and furry stovepipe hats: this was a vintage Womad.

Beck's Song Reader - Various Artists

Twenty Beck compositions previously released exclusively as stunningly illustrated sheet music have come to life with the help of Norah Jones, Jack White, Laura Marling, Jarvis Cocker, Jack Black and of course Beck himself. The Warby Parker release of Bec

Beck Song Reader review 'a highly listenable, risk-free album of covers'

Back in late 2012, Beck released a volume of sheet music, a limited edition album housed between hard covers.

Welcome to the Jungle review Neon Jungle's debut is a mixed bag

Neon Jungle got off to a good start with the entertaining strop-pop of debut single Trouble, but subsequent releases have been less fun, setting the girls' vocals to the yawningly predictable build and drop of EDM.

Welcome To The Jungle - Neon Jungle

For over six months Neon Jungle have been putting together the rainbow-striped, kaleidoscopic, multi-faceted pop of their debut album. "Trouble" was their opening shot, a two and a half minute flash of bratty pop delirium. They all had a great feeling abo