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La Roux makes her return

Eletro-pop pixie La Roux is back with her second album, Trouble in Paradise, and we’re very happy she is too.

Slow Club – Complete surrender

Sheffield’s rock pop duo, Slow Club, have just released their third album, Complete Surrender.

La Roux: Trouble in Paradise review the year's best pop album so far

It's taken Elly Jackson five years to follow up her debut album, and by all accounts it was a pretty torturous process but the end result is well worth the waitElly Jackson last released an album in 2009. Once, a pop star leaving five years between their

Complete Surrender - Slow Club

This latest album from the duo is the follow up to 2011's 'Paradise'. The brand new record includes the tracks 'Tears of Joy' and 'Not Mine to Love'.

Morrissey's latest album is pure Moz: 'He does it his way, in his own words'

ABSOLUTE Radio's Pete Mitchell gets an exclusive early listen of the Pope of Mope's new record, World Peace Is None Of Our Business, and it's a corker.

Bob Dylan's New Basement Tapes a first listen

Elvis Costello leaned forward in his chair to address the small gathering in a West London recording studio on the subject of a bunch of hitherto unknown Bob Dylan lyrics dating from 1967.

Morrissey World Peace Is None of Your Business

Being misunderstood is Morrissey's great joy in life, as he keeps proving in World Peace – a much stronger album than fans were expecting at this point.

La Roux – Trouble In Paradise

The long protracted album gestation is usually the preserve of cerebral, art rock types or tortured perfectionists rather than hip and fresh pop groups who are accustomed to rattling out the hits on an ever-moving chart bound conveyor belt.

Trouble in Paradise - La Roux

‘Trouble In Paradise’ features nine tracks, each written and played by multi-instrumentalist Elly Jackson with Ian Sherwin on co-production. It is the follow-up to La Roux’s Grammy-winning eponymous debut album 'La Roux'.

Honeyblood – Honeyblood

Since their inception as Honeyblood two years ago, Stina Tweeddale and Shona McVicar have been honing their brutal and upfront tunes, with solid and catchy singles such as Super Rat and Killer Bangs upping the anticipation levels for an album.