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Woman's Hour: Conversations review suave, soft-focus vintage-pop replicas

"If I rest, I break and resist, would it be better for you?" asks singer Fiona Jane Burgess on album opener Unbroken Sequence.

Jungle: Jungle

Hype can be an intoxicating thing. But it can also be toxic. Take a look at the still-nascent career arc of Toronto R&B singer the Weeknd.

La Roux - Trouble In Paradise

Re-establishes Elly Jackson as one of Britain’s premier pop talents...

La Roux Trouble In Paradise album review: "Wall-to-wall bangers"

Waiting For Elly Jackson: it's become a running gag to rival anything Samuel Beckett could have conjured.

Sia '1000 Forms Of Fear' album review: Some of the year's most stirring pop

There's something curious about an artist who has proven potential to be one of the biggest stars in the world, but after years of working to breakthrough, now wants to remain out of the spotlight. While most have only come to know her work in recent year

David Gray releases his tenth studio album

Twenty-one years after his debut, David Gray’s tenth studio album, Mutineers, is released in the UK this week.

La Roux makes her return

Eletro-pop pixie La Roux is back with her second album, Trouble in Paradise, and we’re very happy she is too.

Morrissey, World Peace is None of Your Business, review: 'spitting, sneering and sniffling'

New album World Peace Is None of Your Business finds the singer on typically divisive form, says Helen Brown.

Slow Club – Complete surrender

Sheffield’s rock pop duo, Slow Club, have just released their third album, Complete Surrender.

La Roux: Trouble in Paradise review the year's best pop album so far

It's taken Elly Jackson five years to follow up her debut album, and by all accounts it was a pretty torturous process but the end result is well worth the waitElly Jackson last released an album in 2009. Once, a pop star leaving five years between their