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We Are Divine - Little Tornados

The Skinny called this début album from Little Tornados: "their musical styling is far from revolutionary, it fights a charismatic campaign".

Kate Bush concerts: tears and awe, but no phones

Fans who had waited 35 years to see and hear their idol play live are united in their praise for comeback show.

Kate Bush: Before the Dawn review a lithe grace and note-perfect vocals

For someone who's spent the vast majority of her career shunning the stage, she's a hugely engaging live performer.

Little Tornados – We Are Divine

For anyone disappointed by a lack of overt political engagement in pop, try Little Tornados on for size.

Crisis Music: The Bug's Angels & Devils Reviewed

Just as London Zoo uncannily reflected the dread at world events in 2008, Rory Gibb argues that new The Bug album Angels & Devils sees Kevin Martin and his cast of musical collaboratiors creating and intense yet engaging approximation of the chaos that su

Goldfrapp, Old Royal Naval College, London

The setting reflected the band’s calmer, more meditative style of music, though it took too long for the atmosphere finally to come alive.

Ariana Grande: My Everything review every so often a little shard of personality pierces the sheen

In pop, there are "good" girls and "bad" girls. Good and bad (not to mention "troubled") are, of course, lazy and tiresome pigeonholes in which to stuff female artists.

Junto review Basement Jaxx fresh and invigorated

After 2009's Zephyr, Basement Jaxx scaled back their tours, focused on more low-key musical projects and gave every indication of drifting into a raver's dotage.

Chlöe Howl: 'Unfortunately I'm a little bit of a gossip'

The teenage singer-songwriter on why she's never short of inspiration.

Basement Jaxx are back: can they recover their sunny outlook in time for Bestival?

Felix Buxton, the effervescent, bespectacled frontman of Basement Jaxx, is recounting his UFO story. His partner in the band, Simon Ratcliffe, reclines next to him, silently – he didn't share the experience and cannot embellish the tale, which he has al