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1000 Forms of Fear - Sia

New 2014 album ... her first in 4 years! Skyscraping pop from the ex-pat wonder who's written hits for Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyonce and others. Cameos by Diplo and The Weeknd. Includes "Chandelier".

Lana Del Rey Ultraviolence

After the Salem-style panic over Born To Die (if she floats she’s an artificial construct!) Lana Del Rey became more Cultural Studies cipher than flesh-and-blood pop star.

Cats rap: Andrew Lloyd Webber gives Rum Tum Tugger a hip-hop remix

The composer has said that he wants to include a new, updated rap version of Rum Tum Tugger's song in the musical Cats. Will it sound anything like this? Say what you like about Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber we generally do but you can't say that he doesn't f

Slow Club: Complete Surrender exclusive album stream

Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor return with their third album, a melodramatic fanfare inspired by Frankie Valli and Taylor Swift.

Chroma - Eugene McGuinness

After the polish and pop of last album 'The Invitation To The Voyage', 'Chroma' treads a simpler, more spontaneous path ("I wanted to do a direct, stripped-back guitar album," explains McGuinness), perfectly showcasing his timeless song writing talent.

1000 Forms of Fear review Sia Furler, ace songwriter, reluctant star

In the age of celebrity, creativity is often just a means to an end. You write, compose or direct.

The Morning - Lewis Watson

In 2012, Lewis Watson self-released his debut EP ‘It’s Got Four Sad Songs On It, BTW’ which established a devoted online fan-base, and landed the then nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter a deal with Warner Bros. Records. After headlining London

Life Is Easy - Bright Light Bright Light

The Guardian, NME, The Times, Time Out and Q championed Bright Light Bright Light (aka Rod Thomas) follows his critically acclaimed debut with a warm, sparkling sophomore release. Pet Shop Boys, Scissor Sisters and Erasure have sung his praises, with t

Live Life Living review Example's fifth album fails to ignite

If his breakthrough Playing in the Shadows was the hedonistic night before, Example's last record The Evolution of Man was the rueful morning after, an exercise in humility that did not, however, stray too far from the dancefloor.

Example: Live Life Living review big choruses but a troubled heart

Encouraged by the success of his 2011 album, Playing in the Shadows , singer/rapper Example plumped for an experimental, guitar-accented follow-up in 2012, only to find that fans emphatically preferred the beery rave-hop that had made him famous.