Kate Tempest proves poetry has a place in pop

The music world should embrace the polymathic Kate Tempest, argues Alice Vincent

At Best Cuckold - Avi Buffalo

The new Avi Buffalo album is the long-awaited follow up to the critically acclaimed debut and features the highlights 'So What', 'Memories Of You', 'Think It's Gonna Happen Again' and 'Oxygen Tank'. The album was produced by bandleader Avi-Zahner-Isenb

Too Bright - Perfume Genius

Over the course of two astonishing albums, Perfume Genius, aka Seattle native Mike Hadreas, cemented his place as a singer-songwriter of rare frankness, creating songs that, while achingly emotional, offered empathy and hope, rather than any judgment or h

FKA Twigs LP1

I remember first hearing “Papi Pacify” almost a year ago, to the day, and thinking to myself: “Wow, so this is that feeling I’ve been chasing since I first heard Diamond Life”.

Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Rusell - Various Artists

The work of cellist/composer/electronic artist Arthur Russell is to be honoured on a new tribute album released in the UK on October 20th. Featuring 26 tracks by more than 20 artists, it pays homage to his creativity and wide ranging work.

On Stage Together - UK Tour - Paul Simon & Sting

Sting & Paul Simon are bringing their On Stage Together tour to Europe in 2015, including several dates in the UK. The two long-time friends thought of the concept for the tour at the Robin Hood Foundation benefit in 2013 where they performed together for

Avi Buffalo: At Best Cuckold album stream and track-by-track guide

Have a listen to the new album from Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg, and read his thoughts on the making of its 10 songs.

Tricky: Adrian Thaws review sticking to his own unnerving path

While other trip-hop survivors – DJ Shadow, for example – have recently offered their takes on current trends (juke in his case), Tricky is sticking to his own path.

Avi Buffalo: At Best Cuckold review anxieties of a polluted imagination

It feels warped to relish such fragility, but the anxieties and polluted imagination of Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg are enthralling, if worrying.

Commune - Goat

Goat are back with a follow up to their debut album 'World Music'. Picking up where their last album left off, 'Commune' introduces a darker edge to their music. The Skinny said: "Listen long enough and this record will do strange things to your mind"