Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita

Fifteen seconds into the scuffed R‘n’B of Paradise Girls, you might be forgiven for assuming you’ve got the gist of Deerhoof’s 13th album.

Kara - We Are Shining

This is the debut album from the duo. It includes the songs 'Hot Love' and 'Wasted Time'. The Guardian gave it four stars saying it is: "head-swirlingly intoxicating and making irresistible demands of your hips and feet".

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Rhythm

Founded on a primal combination of vocals and percussion yet full of imaginative arrangements and production twists, Swedish duo Wildbirds and Peacedrums’ fourth LP pulls both forward and back, sounding simultaneously ancient and thrillingly modern.

Damon Albarn: Live - Royal Albert Hall

Headlining at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time, Damon Albarn has already performed a number of dates globally with his band The Heavy Seas this year. These shows will see Albarn and The Heavy Seas joined by some special guests.

Annie Lennox interview: 'I'm too happy to write songs'

For her new album, Nostalgia, Annie Lennox is exploring some American classics, she tells Neil McCormick.

Sense Of Emergency: Gwenno Interviewed

With her new album Y Dydd Olaf out this week, Aug Stone chats to the Welsh avant-pop singer about revolution, culture and "electro-pop feminism"

CD: Taylor Swift - 1989

There's a "foreword" which accompanies the new Taylor Swift album (because it's not enough for the one-time Nashville starlet gone full New York pop star merely to create physical objects for the digital age: she also has to give them forewords) which say

Taylor Swift: 1989 – review

Some “sick beats” – but too many slick ones – sever Taylor Swift from her country-pop roots.

Why we love Taylor Swift: pop queen and hipster antidote

Swift has finally released her first pop album - how did America's sweetheart become the most refreshing voice in pop?

Annie Lennox: The Jazz Singer

Annie Lennox is a far more fascinating artist than she’s often given credit for.