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Neon Jungle - Welcome To The Jungle (Album Review)

Neon Jungle, unlike so many of their contemporaries, aren’t afraid of the odd sharp edge.

So Connected: The Rise And Rise Of Woman's Hour

“They’re still signing,” the manager of Woman’s Hour says in explanation.

Rustie – Green Language

There's a playfulness to the opening sections of Green Language – we are treated to three false starts, Rustie delivering riffs of staggering infectiousness before snatching them away and diving into the relentless, trance-like crescendo-frenzy of Rapt

Pixie Lott - Pixie Lott (Album Review)

You shouldn’t give too much credence to pre-release hype or soundbites.

CD: Sinead O'Connor - I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss

Sinead O’Connor has adopted quite a range of personas, when releasing new music, over the 30 years or so of her singing career.

Sea When Absent - A Sunny Day in Glasgow

This is the fourth album from the group. It includes tracks such as 'The Things They Do to Me' and 'Double Dutch'. The Guardian described it as: "like standing in the middle of a festival with music coming from all directions".

Harvest of Gold - Gossling

This is the debut album from the Australian singer that includes the songs 'Songs of Summer' and 'A Lovers' Spat'. The Guardian gave the album three out of five stars saying: "Her debut is easy on the ear but fails to leave a strong impression".

Pixie Lott - Pixie Lott

This self-titled album includes the songs 'Nasty' and 'Break Up Song'. It is the third album to be released by the singer and follows her 2011 album Young Foolish Happy.

Passerby - Luluc

This second album from the duo includes the tracks 'Without a Face' and 'Gold on the Leaves'. The Guardian gave the album three out of five stars calling it: "a stripped-back, nostalgia-prone record full of quiet observations".

Jason Mraz: Live - UK Tour

Jason Mraz brings his tour over to the UK, including a date at London's Royal Albert Hall.