Big Music - Simple Minds

This sixteenth album from the group includes the tracks 'Honest Town' and 'Let the Day Begin'. It is a mix of artistry and accessibility.

Songs - Deptford Goth

This follow up to the 2013 album 'Life After Defo' has been described by The Skinny as: "polished and spacious as first album ...Defo, it's hesitantly, tentatively optimistic and far less abstract". It includes the songs 'Near to a River' and 'Two Hea

Deptford Goth – Songs

There’s life after Life After Defo: Deptford Goth returns with sophomore album Songs and it’s a much more, er, lively affair.

CD: Simple Minds - Big Music

These days, it's not just those of a certain age who remember Simple Minds early days.

Damian Rice: My Favourite Faded Fantasy review reclusive songwriter returns in icier mood

When a reclusive, multi-million-selling songwriter of an intense sentimental disposition disappears for eight years, then returns, there's a lot to be exorcised on their return.

Jerry Lee Lewis: Rock & Roll Time

At 78, Jerry Lee Lewis doesn’t have to make records anymore. His reputation as one of the earliest rock ‘n rollers has been cemented for eons now, but here he is with yet another album, one of several he’s issued in the last decade.

Album | Jerry Lee Lewis – Rock ‘n’ Roll Time

There’s a video on YouTube from the Madison Square Garden concert to celebrate 25 years of the US Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Deep Purple: Live in Concert - The O2

Rock band Deep Purple have announced a one off show at London's O2 arena on the 3rd December 2015. They have released four studio albums as well as a wide range of solo work and taking part in special projects.

Paul Rodgers: Live in Concert - Royal Albert Hall

This one-off show sees the singer present songs from his latest album The Royal Sessions as well as his most popular tracks. The new record is a mix of blues, R&B and soul songs that inspired Rodgers as a young singer.

Simple Minds - Big Music: Exclusive album stream

Have a listen to Simple Minds first album in five years and let us know your thoughts!