Yusuf, Tell 'Em I'm Gone, review: 'understated'

Cat Stevens's latest record as Yusuf Islam can be a little underwhelming but has its heart in the right place, says Neil McCormick.

Don't Say That - Superfood

The Midlands four-piece are one of the prime reasons that new British guitar music is looking in such fine health. New single 'TV' is a frenetic opener, razor-sharp and soaked in melody, it erupts from the speakers with an artfully-crafted college-rock so

Asymmetry - Mallory Knox

This is the follow up to the band's debut 'Signals' released last year. The Guardian said: "Asymmetry exhibits a degree of polish and refinement", giving it three stars.

CD: Yusuf/Cat Stevens - Tell 'Em I'm Gone

Every rock fan knows Cat Steven’s story: how, during the early Seventies, the son of a Greek café owner conquered the world’s charts with classics like “Wild World” and “Father and Son” but...

Tell 'Em I'm Gone - Yusuf, Cat Stevens

Tell ’Em I’m Gone is the first new Yusuf album to be released since 2009’s acclaimed Roadsinger. Recorded all over the world, including Los Angeles, Dubai, Brussels, and London, the album features 10 brand-new studio recordings, including five origi

Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams

A dark and perilous experience…

Start Together - Sleater-Kinney

"Sleater-Kinney is America's best rock band" - Greil Marcus, Time (2001) Sleater-Kinney is an acclaimed, American rock band that formed in Olympia, Washington in 1994. The band's core lineup consists of Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar), Carrie Brownste

The Gray Chapter - Slipknot

This is the fifth studio album from the group. It is their first new album for six years and includes the songs 'The Devil in I' and 'The One That Kills the Least'.

Scott Walker + Sunn O))): Soused review rich in imagination and surprisingly accessible

(4AD)On paper, the combination of 60s pop genius-turned-avant-garde auteur Scott Walker and experimental metal duo Sunn O))) (speciality: extreme slowness at extreme volume) might not sound hugely alluring. And yet the resulting album is rich in imaginati

Slipknot: .5: The Gray Chapter review Iowan rockers suitably unhinged return

(Roadrunner)Given the circumstances surrounding the making of Slipknots fifth album the death of bassist Paul Gray and the terse departure of drummer Joey Jordison fans have been bracing themselves for disappointment. But despite a refreshed lineup and a