Counting Crows - Somewhere Under Wonderland (Album Review)

Let's get the time honoured question that greets every new Counting Crows release out of the way, shall we?

U2 - Songs Of Innocence (Album Review)

U2 and Apple’s dip into breaking and entering with ‘Songs Of Innocence’ rubbed an awful lot of people up the wrong way.

Catfish And The Bottlemen - The Balcony (Album Review)

If you’re going to release a record that sounds like it’s been resurrected, Demolition Man-style, from the unloved indie soup of a decade ago, then you better have a bloody good reason for doing so. ‘The Balcony’, Catfish And The Bottlemen’s deb

CD: Inspiral Carpets - Inspiral Carpets

There was a time, around 25 years ago, when Inspiral Carpets’ psyche-eyed cow logo, accompanied by the motto “Cool as Fuck”, was ubiquitous on tee-shirts. Along with the Charlatans, they represented the second tier of the “Madchester” movement,

Holy Holy, O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire, review: 'occasionally ragged'

A selection of satisfactory casting choices couldn't stop this Bowie homage from occasionally falling into pub rock territory, says Neil McCormick.

CD: U2 - Songs of Innocence

Though advertised as a heartfelt and autobiographical work, U2's 13th studio album tells you far more about the state of the music industry than it does about the intimate inner stories of the musicians.

Tweedy: Sukierae review solo album from pioneer Jeff Tweedy

(dBpm/Anti)As frontman of Wilco, and before that of pioneers Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy has been making consistently impressive records for 25 years now. Not quite a solo effort (his 18-year-old son, Spencer, helps out on drums), Sukierae is a

Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems review brief, satisfying, full of surprises

Popular Problems is principally concerned with conflict, disaster and the almighty, but the second great gag on Leonard Cohen's 13th album is to start it with Slow, a fabulously sleazy blues about making the moment last.

Leonard Cohen - 'Popular Problems'

The legendary singer might be nearly 80 but he's not done writing carnal and witty records just yet.

Arp - 'Pulsars E Quasars' EP

A blissed-out continuation in cosmic pop from the New York bedroom composer.