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Twin Atlantic - 'The Great Divide'

The Glasgow group triumph with an LP unashamed to reach for the stratosphere.

The Raveonettes - 'Pe'ahi'

The Danish duo's seventh album is a fuzz-drenched meditation on grief.

FaltyDL - 'In The Wild'

A discomfiting but sometimes beautiful collection from the New York beatmaster.

The Gaslight Anthem: Get Hurt chest-beating grunge-rock bluster

With their chest-beating, Springsteen-sized anthems, the Gaslight Anthem have never exactly rivalled Steve Reich in the minimalist-subtlety stakes.

Spoon: They Want My Soul

With so many voices talking about culture via the internet, we get two contradictory things: we more perspectives and opinions on art and culture than ever, but we also move on quicker than ever.

Eno · Hyde - High Life

Collaborative set’s spontaneity is its greatest strength…

Owl John Owl John

The fourth track on Scott Hutchison’s Owl John is a song that I’ve tried to write many times.

Spoon They Want My Soul

“What’s a soul, daddy?” my daughter asked quite unexpectedly one evening.

Hypnotic Eye

When Tom Petty emerged in the mid-Seventies, he was the perfect down-to-earth rock star for the times: a hungry Southern boy playing tight rock & roll in mellow Southern California, kicking against the era’s soft-bellied complacency with hard-jangling r

They Want My Soul

Spoon have spent the past two decades proving that minimalism doesn't need to mean thinking small.