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Chance the Rapper, Forum, London – review

The singer moved like a spitter of the old school transported to a strange new psychedelic dimension.

Chance the Rapper review more like a rock concert than a hip-hop gig

The young Chicagoan's acid-washed rap act combines great showmanship with tight musicianship.

RiFF RaFF: Neon Icon

RiFF RaFF is a little like Lana Del Rey. Not in terms of musical style, of course, except maybe that they both exist in strange little corners of the pop music ballroom and have managed to captivate our collective attention quickly enough to throw them bo

Neon Icon - Riff Raff

This is the debut album from the rapper. The Quietus summed the album up by calling it: "an album that perfectly encompasses everything they became loved for on their come up".

RiFF RAFF - Neon Icon

It's been a long, strange and thoroughly entertaining journey to this moment, the release of thoroughly contemporary renaissance man and rap enigma RiFF RaFF's official debut long player.

Trigga - Trey Songz

“While the words Passion, Pain and Pleasure immediately invoke sexual thoughts, for me they have become somewhat of a personal mantra because they so accurately describe this time in my life,” says Trey Songz. “The passion I have for my art fuels my

Lizzobangers review Lizzo's super-charged debut

(Virgin EMI) "Don't tell us to slow it down, we won't listen we're twentysomethings." She's speaking on behalf of her age group here, but Lizzo , a Texan rapper based in Minneapolis, could also be referring to her own delivery. In this super-charged deb

Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win - 50 Cent

This latest album from the rapper includes the tracks 'Everytime I Come Around' and 'Chase the Paper'. The Guardian gave it three stars saying: "50's louche menace and paranoid braggadocio never get old."

50 Cent: Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win review louche, vicarious thrills

50 Cent may be fifth in Forbes's rap rich list, but it's for his music that the sometime actor and entrepreneur craves respect – he has another album, Street King Immortal, due this autumn.

Who is Iggy Azalea – and why should we care?

She may be number one and two in the US Billboard Hot 100, but is Iggy Azalea the world's most generic rapper, asks Neil McCormick.