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CD: Johnny Marr - Playland

According to Johnny Marr people with gigantic egos are generally miserable. Jokes about Morrissey aside, it follows Marr must be a pretty contented guy. For what other guitarist with his reputation would have put vanity aside to spend twenty-odd years as

Jessie Ware: Tough Love review classy retro soul-pop

(PMR/Island)Classy soul-pop balances on a knife edge. Land a Hungarian goose down feather on it the wrong way and it becomes beige, insipid fare that piles cliche on formula as someone in a big white shirt looks pensively out of a loft window.South London

Caribou: Our Love review clear in its floor-filling aims

(City Slang)On his fourth album as Caribou, Dan Snaith continues the pleasurable drift into dance music that picked up on his 2010 album Swim (which boosted his popularity as a live act) and was quickened by subsequent releases under his Daphni alias. Our

Thom Yorke: Tomorrows Modern Boxes review no surprises on his new solo outing

(BitTorrent)Last time Thom Yorke rewrote the rules concerning music distribution, in 2007, it yielded Radioheads magnificent In Rainbows album. His latest attempt to bypass the self-elected gatekeepers of the music industry sees his second solo album bein

CD: Jackson Browne - Standing in the Breach

Jackson Browne's output has slowed since the mid-Nineties, and this arrives eight years after Time the Conqueror. The latter was much preoccupied with the Bush administration and the Iraq war, and Standing in the Breach - with a sleeve depicting a war-rav

CD: Jessie Ware - Tough Love

How does an artist follow a debut album as well-received as Jessie Ware’s Mercury-nominated Devotion? With something just as insistent, just as beautiful and just as likely to stick in the brain. There’s something incredibly unassuming about the Londo

Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End

Weezer are getting old. These cult Los Angeles indie rock mainstays are at album number nine (if we’re not counting 2010’s offcuts compilation Death to False Metal), and their discography charts an ascent from pubescent garage rock to men with jobs an

Jessie Ware, Tough Love, album review: She is a natural diva

Commercially, Jessie Ware is a curious anomaly among R&B divas.

Johnny Marr: Playland review dazzling guitars, not much intrigue

(New Voodoo)When Johnny Marrs debut solo album arrived in 2013, it brought with it an element of intrigue. For sure, nobody was expecting The Messenger to showcase Marrs previously hidden Amigacore influences, but fans did wonder how the former Smiths gui

Flying Lotus: Youre Dead review a brilliant, wide-eyed dream of an album

(Warp)For an album with a threat for a title (or maybe its just a metaphysical observation), Youre Dead is surprisingly upbeat. Flying Lotus (real name Stephen Ellison), the musical polymath who flits so lightly between jazz, electronica, hip-hop and fun