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One Direction: 'It's not a question of burnout: we enjoy it' exclusive interview

Theyve had 95 international number ones and are worth £70m, but is the world's biggest boy band outgrowing its fans?

Bryan Ferry, Avonmore, review: 'the dark heart of failed love'

Ferry's fourteenth channels the pain of divorce into his classic liquid sound, says Neil McCormick.

CD: Bryan Ferry - Avonmore

If you glanced too hastily at the sleeve you might think Bryan Ferry had made another album called Avalon, that epitome of the sleek autumnal heyday of Roxy Music.

CD: Antony and the Johnsons - Turning

Antony Hegarty has one of those voices that’s poised on the edge of tears.

One Direction: We still feel like were on the rise in pictures

Whats life like inside the 21st centurys first mega band? Exclusive photographs of Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam as they release their fourth albumRead the exclusive interview and inside story in tomorrows Guardian Continue reading...

Bryan Ferry Avonmore: Exclusive album stream

Have a listen to Bryan Ferrys latest album a collection of soulful new songs and smooth covers and let us know your thoughts As Jon Dennis points out in his four star review of Avonmore, Bryan Ferry is a master of covers. This latest collection from the R

TV On the Radio: Seeds review pop emerges from darkness

On hiatus since the death from lung cancer of bassist Gerard Smith in 2011, TVOTR have chosen an unlikely moment to come back with the most hooky, poppy album of their career.

Bryan Ferry: Avonmore review midnight moves with the master of smooth

(BMG Rights Management)Bryan Ferry recast Roxy Music faves in a 1920s setting on his last album The Jazz Age, but on the follow-up he returns to the super-smooth lounge pop with which hes long been associated.Avonmore is co-produced by Rhett Davies, Ferry

Paul Smith and Peter Brewis: Frozen by Sight review peculiarly riveting

(Memphis)Anyone confronted with its concept Paul Smith of Maxïmo Parks travel diary set to minimalistic jazz and string compositions might be forgiven for feeling nonplussed by Frozen by Sights prospects. It was never going to be as scintillating as a

One Direction: Four review glossy pop with hints of Springsteen

One Direction had to grow up sometime. On their fourth album, the five teen heart-throbs take another skinny-jeaned step from peach fuzz and bubble-gum pop to day-after stubble and soft rock.