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Rock & Pop

Adult Jazz: Gist Is review sublime and ridiculous experimental indie

(Spare Thought)Self-released, self-produced and self-recorded in a studio they built themselves (whether they whittled their own instruments, we do not know), these Leeds newcomers are devout about DIY. That spirit of independence is mirrored in the sound

Klangkarussell: Netzwerk review mixed bag of wannabe summer hits

(Universal)Austrian electronic duo Klangkarussell are shooting for the big time. To get there, Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held wield a mixed bag of dance music styles, pulling from house, ambient electro and drum'n'bass. The result makes for a meandering an

FKA Twigs: LP1 review a singular piece of work in an overcrowded market

Another supposedly mysterious pop star turns out to be a pretty normal human being but with songs this good, who cares?It increasingly feels as if trying to nurture an atmosphere of mystery in pop isn't worth the bother. For years, it was taken as read t

Alex Clare: Three Hearts review like late 80s white soul

(Island)In 2012, Alex Clare was working as an estate agent, having given up on pop stardom. Then his life became a music industry fairytale. Microsoft licensed his catchy, wompy soul track Too Close for an ad, the song became huge, Clare shifted half a mi

CD: Angus & Julia Stone - Angus & Julia Stone

Three releases into their career as a duo, the Sydney-based Stone siblings have named an album after themselves. Whether the muse simply couldn’t supply an alternative (several of the tracks, particularly “Main Street” and “Heart Beats Slow” mig

CD: Trans Am - Volume X

Volume X is the tenth album by American post-rock originators Trans Am - which could, quite reasonably, encourage listeners to assume that there is nothing new here. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as the band push themselves to reinvent their

Wovenwar: Wovenwar review former As I Lay Dying members return in force

(Metal Blade)Discovering that your singer has been plotting to have his wife killed would be a shock enough to give most musicians serious pause, but the four non-murderous members of US metalcore giants As I Lay Dying have wasted no time in rising from

Moussu T e lei Jovents: Operette review good-time Marseilles band do music-hall

(Le Chant Du Monde)The finest good-time acoustic band in Marseilles go back to their roots. Moussu T and his friends started out influenced by Jamaican reggae, but then decided to reflect all the musical styles that washed into their port city, from blue

Spoon: They Want My Soul review a beautifully made, multi-layered album

(Anti)The last time Spoon released an album, 2010s Transference, they had just been named Artist of the Decade by Metacritic. That sounds not unlike one of those weird, nebulously titled awards people used to invent in order to get Michael Jackson to show

CD: Eric Clapton & Friends - The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale

It’s not quite true to say no one would have heard of JJ Cale without Eric Clapton. Clapton’s cover of “After Midnight”, released in 1970 as the first single on his debut solo album, put Cale on the map as a songwriter and paved for his own inimit