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Love Letters - Metronomy

Down a quiet driveway in East London is an old-fashioned studio. It's the home of analogue sound, of warm, dusty machines, where the ambitions of independent-minded artists get turned into classic recordings. In short, it's where that magic happens. Ar

Love Letters review - Metronomy add 60s songwriting to their 80s synths

(Because) The difficulty of sustaining long-distance relationships isn't a hardship exclusive to touring musicians. But the workers in song know all about divided loyalties, about following one's muse to play to half-empty hockey stadiums in North Americ

Metronomy: the Totnes Jeff Lynne

Metronomy's follow up to the English Riviera refreshes retro grooves, says Bernadette McNulty

GIRL review - Pharrell Williams turns on the charm

Pharrell Williams tones down the libido and turns on the charm for his latest long-player Kitty Empire reviews Little Dragon live "Different," intones Pharrell sotto voce at the start of GIRL , rush-released with a fortnight's notice of its existence

Alexander Hawkins: Song Singular review - 'state-of-the-art piano jazz'

(Babel) As a companion to this remarkable solo album, British pianist and composer Alexander Hawkins and Babel have also released the sextet set Step Wide, Step Deep , with Sons of Kemet 's Shabaka Hutchings and Tom Skinner, and violinist Dylan Bates -

Sheela Bringi: Incantations review - a subtle fusion of Hindu chants, jazz and blues

(Black Swan) Sheela Bringi was brought up in Colorado, the daughter of a professor of Hinduism, Sanskrit and yoga studies, and has developed a subtle musical fusion in which Hindu devotional chants are reworked with influences that range from jazz and

David Crosby: 'The FBI scare me more than Hell's Angels'

The legendary songwriter on Janis Joplin, being 'the voice of cosmic America' and Croz, his first solo album in 20 years Hello David, how are you? I'm fine (1 ) . I'm in California right now, out in the country, in a place called Santa Barbara.

Eric Church: The Outsiders - review

(Decca) This chart-friendly US country singer has become increasingly vogueish since his 2011 album, Chief, blended the genre's staple twangs and banjos with Led Zeppelin-ish guitars solos and lyrics about Bruce Springsteen. Now seen as something of an a

Breton: War Room Stories - review

(Cut Tooth/Believe) Never ones to shy away from a spot of genre-bending, London five-piece Breton stay true to past form here. War Room Stories encapsulates art rock, tropical pop and various forms of electronica on a varied yet focused set that sounds