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Cabaret & Circus

The Tiger Lillies meet Lulu: the ultimate fallen woman

Martyn Jacques could easily be mistaken for a Victorian pickpocket, right down to his scruffy tails and raffish bowler hat.

Lulu - A Murder Ballad, theatre review: 'Not so much dark as pitch black'

It is not like we weren’t warned. “It is not a happy or a nice story,” explain the programme notes to this rekindling of Frank Wedekind’s epic descent into the obscene heart of the male psyche and the unspeakable underbelly of the Victorian street

London International Mime Festival: Fet a Mà's Cru

Catalan circus duo Fet a Mà present Cru, a delightfully playful yet strikingly potent piece about everything and nothing at the same time, as part of the London International Mime Festival 2014.

RashDash: punking feminist theatre

Their late-night shows at the Edinburgh festival are packed with the kind of young audiences other theatres can only dream about.

Club Sol Party - Leicester Square Theatre

Club Sol is an immersive event that will transport you to sunny Spain for an evening of comedy-cabaret that you will never forget. Holiday reps, ‘The Mauve Coats’ present a host of entertainment acts as the audience take part in our quiz, karaoke and

Rime - Square Peg Company - Tour

“Rime” is a new circus show devised and collectively made by Square Peg based on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. With thrilling acrobatics, song and story, Square Peg combine circus with theatre and dance – the

Cirque de Soleil - Quidam, review: 'Obscure scenes performed on an epic scale'

International circus troupe Cirque du Soleil opens its performance of Quidam with an announcement of thanks to its sponsors, including an obscure Japanese car company and a photocopying firm, whose brand names are also projected on the walls.

Cirque du Soleil - review

It has not been a happy 12 months for Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian circus empire whose shows had spread uncontrollably across the globe bringing outbreaks of uncontained whimsy in its wake.

Cirque du Soleil: Quidam, Royal Albert Hall - circus review

Once again, Cirque du Soleil arrives in London in early January with feats of athleticism and derring-do to shame us from our post-Christmas sloth.

Quidam, Royal Albert Hall, London

In Cirque du Soleil's samey repertoire, 1996's Quidam stands out for its bizarre imagery and Michel Crete's innovative arced set.