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Father Nandru and the Wolves - Wilton's Music Hall

Five hundred years ago, founding fathers built a log church in a small village deep in the heart of Transylvania where, 400 years on, the villagers still worship. When Eveline, the lop-faced daughter of a leading family, elopes with Vadim, the crippled so

1001 Nights - Transport Theatre - UK Tour

1001 Nights collects together some of the greatest folk tales ever told. Here they are re-imagined by Shahrazad – a lively young girl who, torn between her old home in the East and her new life in Britain, re-tells the extraordinary stories of her child

Who's Been Sitting in My Chair? - Polka Theatre

A delightful and playful version of a well-known tale with porridge and bears and one-two-three chairs. A tale that’s not too BIG and not too small but just right. Mind you, telling this story is not so easy when it's wintertime and those sleepy bea

Hannah - review

It's just an ordinary Saturday morning for teenager Hannah.

Hannah, Unicorn Theatre, London

Hannah’s 15 and, like every teenager ever, she wants to be the centre of the world.

Hannah, Unicorn, London

This ingenious, quasi-feminist, uncompromising reworking of Dr Faustus for 21st century young audiences is entirely written in iambic pentameter, which gives it unusual lyricism.

Red Riding Hood - Polka Theatre

Once upon a time there was a young girl who went to spend the night at her Grandma's house... and her little brother came too! She wanted to go to sleep but he was having none of it. Grandma's attic is far too exciting for sleeping! And when you start

Ugly Duckling - Polka Theatre

Funky Feathers is feeling low. Can Major Mustard cheer him up? A spirited reworking of this popular tale that brings together many of the themes of Hans Christian Andersen’s poignant story.Major Mustard combines puppetry, music and storytelling to give

Play time: Wendy and Peter Pan - review

If you're trying to kill time with the children before curtain-up, the Royal Shakespeare theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon is a great place to do it.

Wanted: Rabbit - Unicorn Theatre

Rabbits do not play by the rules. They dig holes without applying for permits, eat carrots that they haven't paid for, leave droppings in the street, and, in spite of their big ears, never actually listen. They must be stopped before they take over the