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Wendy and Peter Pan - review

Ella Hickson, who has written this radical revision of JM Barrie's mythical story, has said she is alarmed at the idea of elderly men protesting at the mauling of a masterpiece.

Wendy and Peter Pan, Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

JM Barrie's Peter Pan play was first performed in 1904 and his novel, Wendy and Peter, published in 1911. Ella Hickson's modern new version for the RSC lands in the interim period while relocating the story in a more feminist consciousness.

Wendy and Peter Pan, Royal Shakespeare Theatre - theatre review

As the tinkered-with title suggests, sisters are doing it for themselves when it comes to Ella Hickson's cherishable new version of the JM Barrie classic.

The Elephantom - The Shed, National Theatre

At first, the little girl is thrilled to have a ghost-elephant living in her house. He makes life so much more fun! But Elephantoms are a bit too big for houses and before long, he’s causing a lot of trouble. For children and grown-ups of all ages, t

Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story - UK Tour

Peter Pan, The Never Ending Story World Arena Tour is a high-flying, hi-tech fantasy adventure that combines the drama and excitement of live theatre with the epic visuals of a blockbuster movie. Pinch yourself as you watch Peter Pan fly high above the

Emil And The Detectives Olivier Theatre Winter 2013-2014

Adaptations of modern children's books have become a National Theatre winter staple in recent years, ranging from the extraordinary (War Horse) to the less successful (Coram Boy). This version by Carl Miller of Erich Kästnor's 1929 novel leans more towar

The Night Before Christmas - The Arches, Glasgow

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone is excited – wrapping presents, going to parties, singing songs – everyone, that is, except Carol. She hates Christmas and wishes everyone would stop going on about it! But that night, as she settles down to sleep s

The Elephantom, National Theatre, review

From War Horse to a ghost elephant who causes a breach of the peace.

Wendy & Peter Pan: Behind the scenes at the RSC

It is, the stage manager Francis Lynch says, a good day to visit the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Stratford-upon-Avon headquarters.

Peter Pan, NIA, Birmingham, review

Congratulations to Stacey Solomon for landing the cushiest Christmas job going.