The Boy Who Fell Into a Book review a knockout mix

Alan Ayckbourn's tale of fiction coming to life makes an inspiring leap from page to stage.

The Boy Who Fell into a Book - Stephen Joseph Theatre

Secretly reading in bed, 10 year old Kevin Carter falls into his book and meets his fictional hero, tough hard-bitten private investigator, Rockfist Slim, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle and now only too real. Together the gallant, incongruo

Around the World in 80 Days - Royal Exchange, Manchester

The eccentric Phileas Fogg wagers his life’s fortune that he can circumnavigate the globe in just eighty days with his travelling companion Passepartout. The complicating factor? In Victorian England there are no planes. This is an incredible tale of

Around the World in Eighty Days, Royal Exchange Manchester, review

School’s out and in celebration the Royal Exchange is offering an exhilarating version of Round the World in Eighty Days which is as near to a sophisticated summer panto as could be imagined.

The Boy Who Fell Into a Book review an engrossingly surreal spectacle

The musical version of Alan Ayckbourn's play for young people is an ideal introduction to the pleasures of reading and the power of the theatre.

Hetty Feather: Live on Stage - Vaudeville Theatre

ROLL UP and join Hetty on her escape from the Foundling Hospital. TREMBLE as she faces Matron Stinking Bottomly. THRILL as she discovers the squirrel house and Tanglefields Travelling Circus. GASP as she endures a night locked in the attic. QU

Mother Goose - Hackney Empire

Imagine what you could do with a magical goose who lays priceless golden eggs? Discover what becomes of Mother Goose when she is given Princess Priscilla, a magic goose with a golden talent. Perhaps having everything she ever wanted isn’t all it’s CRA

Once in a Blue Moon - Wriggle Dance Theatre - UK Tour

It’s the moon’s birthday! He is having a party and we are all invited... But how do we get there? Join us as we journey to the moon through strange, distant lands and meet some curious characters along the way. Incorporating dance, live music and a

Jacqueline Wilson: 'I would hate to be a teenager today'

Children's author Jacqueline Wilson is as passionate as ever, finds Julia Llewellyn Smith.

The Elephantom, New London - theatre review

This charming children's play uses the puppeteering prowess of the team behind War Horse to bring to life the tale of a young girl visited by a pesky phantom elephant.