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Alex Horne: Edinburgh fringe comedy veteran who keeps upping the eccentricity

Every year at the Edinburgh fringe festival, the comedian pushes his luck a bit further – and his latest show is outright folly.

My Edinburgh festival nightmare: comedians on their fringe hell

So you're taking a show to the Edinburgh fringe. What's the worst that could happen? Vomiting, fainting, break-ups and malfunctioning smoke machines … Felicity Ward, Josie Long and WitTank start off our series of comedians' horror stories

Camilla Cleese: 'People are looking to hate me'

Comedian Camilla Cleese is ready to emerge from the shadow of her Python father

Q&A: Mathew Baynton

Lovers of family TV will know Mathew Baynton best as a shape-changing man of many characters.

Review: Holes (Arcola Theatre)

Tom Basden's prescient play at the Arcola feels like a show of two halves.

Rhys Darby review Flight of the Conchords star's psychedelic standup

Darby's loser act keeps him and us smiling, but some trimming of his silly storytelling would make this show a winner.

Holes, Arcola Tent, review: Mathew Baynton in an ill-timed plane-crash comedy

“Planes don’t just go missing!” As an expression of exasperation, it probably seemed innocuous enough a year or so ago; Tom Basden’s comedy was a hit at Edinburgh last summer.

Terrific Acting Can’t Plug Tom Basden’s Holes

If comedy is all about timing, you probably don’t want your knockabout play about a plane crash to premiere a week after an event like the shooting down of flight MH17. “Why would terrorists bring down a random passenger plane?” asks Gus (Mathew Bay

Holes - Arcola Theatre

We are the survivors of flight BA043. We don’t know where we are. You have to help us. Hello? ... Is there anybody out there? ... Hello ... ? Stranded, four survivors wait. Surely somebody will find them. Planes don't just disappear, do they? And,