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Edinburgh festival 2014: the Tourette's hero highs and Nancy Dell'Olio lows

The fringe is over for another year, so here's 2014's unofficial bouquets and brickbats.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Lazy Susan tender and ridiculous romcom

Pleasance CourtyardThe comedy duo's will-they-won't-they Geordie couple are back, and they're as endearing as everRomcom isn't a branch of comedy often encountered on the fringe, but that's what double act Lazy Susan are up to and their show is none the


It is remarkable to report that despite enjoying and/or enduring over 120 shows in Edinburgh over the last 2½ weeks, Jezebel is by far the funniest thing that your hard-working critic has seen to date in August.

Edinburgh festival 2014 review: Alex Horne's Monsieur Butterfly a show that could only originate on the fringe

Instead of telling jokes, Horne is building a Heath Robinson contraption on stage that manages to be a heroic metaphor for our lives.

Edinburgh comedy awards 2014 shortlist: who would get your vote?

Liam Williams is my personal favourite of this years nominees. I loved his subterranean hour of nihilistic Gen-Y standup and Id have welcomed an appearance on the shortlist for his group SheepsSo the Fosters Edinburgh comedy award shortlist is out and i

Lenny Henry on performing in Rudy’s Rare Records at the Hackney Empire: 'Dads back in the day were different from dads now'

After two acclaimed dramatic roles, Lenny Henry returns to the stage in a comedy about three generations of one family running a record shop together.

Rudy's Rare Records - Tour

With Rudy's (Larrington Walker) chaotic "if it ain't on the shelf, it's on the floor" style clashing with Adam's (Lenny Henry) love for order, the record shop becomes a battleground for both men. When Adam's son (E4 and YouTube star, Joivan Wade) comes ba

Edinburgh 2014 review: Jeremy Paxman out of his comfort zone

Paxman after Newsnight seems a little nervous but is soon back to blustering form, even if he's occasionally fishing for wordsEntering the stage with a "Golf sale" placard, Jeremy Paxman wants us to know he's out of work and available for business. But wi

BS: Thoughts Out Loud - Etcetera Theatre

BS: Thoughts Out Loud is the madcap sketch show featuring the bonkers talents of Barry Glennon and Sian Hutchinson as they introduce a wide array of crazy characters in even crazier situations. Fast-paced (at times), laborious (occasionally), well obse

The psychology of comedy: where humour and psychosis overlap

New research shows that comedians have a remarkable amount in common with people who have schizophrenia or manic depression and that this could be what makes them funny"Many people say that comics are psychopaths," says the standup Jason Byrne, who shou