Fully Committed, Menier Chocolate Factory, review: A brilliantly funny tour de force

The Menier Chocolate opened for business ten years ago, under the creative partnership of David Babani and Danielle Tarento.

Fully Committed , Menier Chocolate Factory, London

The title of Becky Mode’s short, fast, sketch-like play refers to the reservations diary of a fashionable New York restaurant, but ‘fully committed’ also describes what the show requires of its virtuoso solo performer.

Review: Fully Committed (Menier Chocolate Factory)

The Menier celebrate ten years with the play that put the Southwark venue on the map.

Fully Committed, Menier Chocolate Factory

If Chiltern Firehouse is any indication, power in our society lies not in bank balance, postcode or job title, but in being seen nibbling crab doughnuts at the hottest restaurant in town.

Rudy's Rare Records , Repertory Theatre, Birmingham

The term ‘community theatre’ is often the kiss of death for many ostensibly noble productions. It smacks of political correctness and limited horizons.

Stones In His Pockets , Civic Theatre, Chelmsford

Previously a Tony Award-nominated Broadway hit, Ian McElhinney revisits a West End favourite he first directed 15 years ago, re-acquainting audiences with this popular play by Belfast-based playwright Marie Jones.

Review: Rudy's Rare Records (Birmingham Rep)

Lenny Henry stars in the stage adaptation of the Radio 4 comedy.

Michael Palin: Travelling to Work review a ripping yarn or three

Hot on the heels of Monty Python at the O2, Palin's latest offering is mildly amusing but his bricolage offers no surprises.

Breeders, St James Theatre, review: 'laboured'

Dominic Cavendish on a misfiring lesbian comedy starring Tamzin Outhwaite and Angela Griffin.

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So here’s a play about the topic du jour: having a baby.