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The Comedy of Errors - Theatre by the Lake, Keswick

Twenty years after being separated in a shipwreck as babies, two pairs of identical twins find themselves in the seaport of Ephesus, a town with a reputation for sorcery and magic. Mistaken for each other, they are constantly bewildered by bizarre encount

The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes - Arcola Theatre

A black comedy - an Iraqi refugee comes to London in search of his dream... Salim, an Iraqi refugee, takes on a new identity In London after fleeing persecution in Baghdad. He is picked up, and marries a wealthy older woman, who enthusiastically coache

The Nightmares of Carlos Fuente, Arcola Theatre, London

Arcola Theatre, London: Based on a short story by Baghdad-born Hassan Blasim, this play draws our attention to the daily devastation suffered by Iraqis post Saddam Hussain. Razaq tries to boil this enormous issue down into the story of Salim, an Irai immi

The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes, Arcola Theatre, London

The story of a traumatised Iraqi Everyman – adapted from Hassan Blasim’s short story – is an unpretentious and deeply sensitive piece of work

Review: The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes (Arcola Theatre)

Nabil Elouahabi shows us what he's made of in Nicolas Kent's production

The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes review an Iraqi's identity crisis

Arcola, LondonThis story of a Sunni man who flees sectarian Iraq for a life in Britain is more striking in individual scenes than as a whole Continue reading...

The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes, Arcola Theatre, review: Witty and rawly topical

When he was the artistic director of the Tricycle, Nicolas Kent was renowned for the creative tenacity with which he kept the heat turned up on the issue of Iraq – not least in the tribunal show that put Tony Blair (in absentia) in the dock for war crim

Juvenalia - St James Theatre

Simon Callow does stand-up comedy – filthy, scabrous, politically incorrect – as he lambasts foreigners, plutocrats, women, gays – as delivered last in Rome AD 100. Juvenal was one angry white middle-class male. In Juvenalia he tells it like it w

Alex Horne: Edinburgh fringe comedy veteran who keeps upping the eccentricity

Every year at the Edinburgh fringe festival, the comedian pushes his luck a bit further – and his latest show is outright folly.

My Edinburgh festival nightmare: comedians on their fringe hell

So you're taking a show to the Edinburgh fringe. What's the worst that could happen? Vomiting, fainting, break-ups and malfunctioning smoke machines … Felicity Ward, Josie Long and WitTank start off our series of comedians' horror stories