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In Lambeth review Blake v Paine in lively imaginary encounter

In this well-acted revival, the poet and the philosopher face off in a slow-moving but stimulating debate.

A Streetcar Named Desire - Young Vic Theatre

Gillian Anderson is Blanche DuBois, Ben Foster is Stanley and Vanessa Kirby is Stella in Tennessee Williams’ timeless masterpiece. As Blanche’s fragile world crumbles, she turns to her sister Stella for solace – but her downward spiral brings her

Carrie Cracknell: why my Medea needed some killer moves

Infidelity, revenge, infanticide the Greek tragedy Medea has it all. Or does it? The director of the National Theatre's new production explains why it had to have dance choreographed by Lucy Guerin.

Review – Daytona – Theater Royal Haymarket

New plays set in America aren’t as common in London as I’d hope (Mr. Burns aside), so I was quite intrigued when the opportunity came up to see Daytona, which debuted last summer at the Park Theater.

Shutters review US triple bill focused on women lacks cohesion

These plays on American women's lives and history lack spark, except for Trifles, understated and poignant, from 1916.

Perseverance Drive, Bush Theatre, London

Robin Soans’s drama about a devout Barbadian family and its moral and religious tribulations is fraught with friction and dysfunctionality.

Richard III, Trafalgar Studios: 'chilling'

In Jamie Lloyd's action-packed adaptation, Martin Freeman is on terrifyingly top form as Richard III, says Tim Walker.

The Crucible review an engrossing, fiery evening

Arthur Miller's play resonates without any updating in Yael Farber's powerful staging.

Review – Great Britain – National Theater

Given the National’s track record of reviving the dullest chestnuts on God’s green earth, you can’t imagine my surprise when I heard they were mounting an original comedy – Great Britain.