Review: Cans (Theatre503)

In this unflinching new play, a star's spectacular fall from grace leaves a bitter legacy for his family.

Accolade , St James Theatre, London

In 2011, the ever-invaluable Finborough in Earl's Court uncovered another of its regular rediscoveries with the first-ever revival, since its original production in 1950, of Emlyn Williams' Accolade.

Review: Accolade (St James Theatre)

Blanche McIntyre directs Emlyn Williams' tale of sex, scandal and blackmail.

Warehouse of Dreams - Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Moriarty runs a refugee camp. It’s a city of troubled people growing like a tumour and it’s 24/7. Shedloads of food, water and excrement, the thievery, threats and protests, aggrieved co-workers, a hostile press, young girls sold into sexual slavery .

Pomona - Orange Tree Theatre

“Pomona is the most startling, thrilling and original new play of the year. “ This is the best new play I’ve seen in years. See it. Don’t see anything else until you’ve seen this. Wait 2 weeks, then see it again. Pomona is the future of new wr

Accolade, St James Theatre

Reclaiming lost plays can be unnecessary indulgence, but Blanche McIntyre’s note-perfect production of Emlyn Williams’ 64-year-old work ushers in the renaissance of a thoroughly modern masterpiece.

My Night With Reg - Apollo Theatre

At Guy's London flat, old friends and new gather to party through the night. This is the summer of 1985, and for Guy and his circle the world is about to change forever. Deliciously funny and bittersweet, My Night with Reg perfectly captures the fragility

Pomona, Orange Tree Theatre, London

Orange Tree Theatre, London: In recent years, the Orange Tree may have acquired a reputation for decorously produced relics of Victorian and Edwardian theatre watched by an ageing audience inclined to nod off; not any more. Ned Bennett's in-yer-face produ

Far Away review dystopian drama takes close look at a world at war

Samantha Colley is terrific in Kate Hewitt's flawed but haunting revival of Caryl Churchills twisted fairytale.

Mini Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Gielgud Theatre

It has taken me a transfer to the West End, a ceiling collapse and for the show to win seven Olivier awards before I finally got around to seeing this production based on Mark Haddon’s award winning book. Was it worth the wait? Completely. The perfo