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Where’s a goofy, flat-chested shrew when you need one?

These days he’s in the modest Menier rather than the wonderful West End.

Union, Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh – review

Flitting from brothel to palace and parliament, a timely and lively reminder of how Great Britain was born.

Eldorado - Arcola Theatre

Anton’s got it made: dream house, artistic wife, baby on the way. And, as the smoke rises from another city saved by coalition bombs, there’s a fortune to be made rebuilding the wreckage. So what’s he doing forging his boss’s signature? And why ha

Fatal Attraction, Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London

As $70m-grossing movies about happily married lawyers committing adultery go, it was never exactly great – histrionic, sexist, calculating.

Other Desert Cities: Star turn saves a war of wordy politics

Not so long ago, Sinead Cusack was playing autumnal beauties.

Bunny boiler still leaves a bitter taste: Fatal Attraction returns in style, but it's a horrible heartless tale

Though I give Fatal Attraction three stars — this new stage version is decently acted and coolly staged — I hated almost every minute of it. What a horrible, heartless story it is.

Hotel - The National Theatre

Secluded, isolated, the perfect desert island escape. Just what Robert and the family need. But beyond the white sand and beautiful sunsets, dark clouds gather. A storm is coming. A tropical thriller, where nothing is quite what it seems, Hotel explore

Yellow Face - The Shed, National Theatre

Tony award-winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist David Henry Hwang, explores the impact race has had on the East Asian experience in America. Yellow Face straddles the line between reality and fiction, questioning what race really means, looking at how po

Eddie Redmayne: I still call my Eton drama teacher

Eddie Redmayne, star of Les Miserables and Birdsong, says his Eton drama teacher "is still the person whose advice I seek"

Ballyturk - Lyttelton Theatre, The National Theatre

The lives of two men unravel quickly over the course of 90 minutes. Where are they? Who are they? What is this room, and what might be beyond the walls? Gut-wrenchingly funny, achingly sad and featuring jaw-dropping moments of physical comedy, Ballytur