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King Charles III, review: 'spectacular, gripping and wickedly entertaining'

Off with their heads! That surely would have been the verdict of the court on the playwright Mike Bartlett and the director Rupert Goold had a play like this been performed a few centuries ago.

Birdland, theatre review: Sherlock's Moriarty Andrew Scott is excellent

Moriarty resurrected as a stadium rock god? A mouthwatering prospect for fans of Andrew Scott's delectably witty and deviant turn as Sherlock Holmes's nemesis on TV and for admirers of the Irish actor's unfailingly brilliant stage work.

Three Sisters, Southwark Playhouse, review

I think it’s high time Anya Reiss got on with writing original plays rather than mucking about with classics.

Birdland review Ceaselessly inventive critique of rock stardom

No one will be surprised to learn, from Simon Stephens's new play, that the mega-fame and virtually limitless money that accompany rock stardom have a destabilising effect on the pysche.

Birdland, Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, London

Simon Stephens loves German theatre: ever since his collaboration with Sebastian Nubling on plays such as Pornography and Three Kingdoms, he has been keen to introduce some more overtly theatrical elements into contemporary new writing.

A Small Family Business, National Theatre, review

Corruption (like charity) begins at home, we perceive in Alan Ayckbourn's play, written expressly for the Olivier Theatre in 1987 and now revived there in this spirited production by Adam Penford.

Three Sisters, Southwark Playhouse, theatre review

Chekhov's three sisters languish in a remote garrison town seven hundred miles from Moscow.

A Taste of Honey review 'Rebecca Ryan's Jo keeps the drama alive'

Mark Babych's first production as Hull Truck's artistic director embraces the enormous heart of Shelagh Delaney's debut play without flinching from its vulgarity.

At the End of Everything Else review Pedal-powered Icarus proves uplifting

Unicorn, London Its over-earnest environmental message may overwhelm the narrative, but this take on the Icarus myth powered by its cycling cast does have some wonderful live animation Children's theatre grows up at Purni Morell's magical Unicorn Mar

Bomber's Moon - Park theatre

performances of great subtlety... one of the funniest and most touching moments to be seen on the current London stage.