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Shutters - Park Theatre

Jack Thorpe Baker, following his sell-out revival of Noël Coward's 'Ace of Clubs' at the Union Theatre, is now directing 'Shutters', a triple bill of unique American plays celebrating the extraordinary journey of women over the last century.

Amadeus - Chichester Festival Theatre

The Hapsburg Court Composer, Antonio Salieri, is highly admired and praised, that is until Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrives. As the young genius storms the court, Salieri, ageing and overworked, struggles with his compositions. Bitterly jealous of his

Review: Invincible (St James Theatre)

Torben Betts successfully skewers class tensions and the north/south divide.

Review: Kafka's Dick (Bath Theatre Royal)

Kafka's Dick proves a highly entertaining evening at Bath Theatre Royal.

Kafka's Dick, Theatre Royal, Bath, review: 'wickedly comic'

Charles Spencer finds Alan Bennett at the top of his wickedly comic game.

Whistleblower: The Story of Edward Snowden - Waterloo East Theatre

Edward Snowden is holed up in a hotel in Hong Kong. He has left his life in Hawaii, abandoned paradise for a life on the run. Tortured by thoughts of his girlfriend, his mother and father and the ghosts of other whistleblowers from Chelsea Manning i

Perseverance Drive

Of late, the Bush has staged so many dramas about awkward family reunions that attending the theatre has begun to feel a bit like, well, an awkward family reunion: a combination of overfamiliarity and nervous anticipation at the inevitable calamity to be

Perseverance Drive - Bush Theatre

In the heat of the Caribbean sun and to the familiar sound of gospel hymns, the Gillard family prepares for the funeral of their mother Grace. Tensions ignite as Josh, cast out for being gay, arrives in Barbados after 6 years of excommunication. Widowed E

Lee Hall: 'It's very difficult for a working class boy to work in the arts now'

Writer Lee Hall, creator of BIlly Elliot, has now adapted Shakespeare in Love for the stage.

Miss Julie/ Black Comedy - Minerva Theatre, Chichester Festival Theatre

Miss Julie: Gossip and rumour spiral around aristocrat Miss Julie. Particularly regarding her attitude towards, and treatment of, men. Now she has spent a wild Midsummer Night’s Eve waltzing with her servants in a barn, and paying particular attentio