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Performance & Physical

Lessness - The Barbican

Leading Irish theatre artist Olwen Fouéré performs a reading of Samuel Beckett’s evocative short prose, simply staged in an intimate setting. One of the 20th century’s most enigmatic texts, Lessness was published in the same year Beckett won the

Not I/ Footfalls/Rockaby - The Barbican

Not I: Floating above the stage in a near pitch-black void, a disembodied mouth delivers a stream of consciousness at speed, capturing the despair of an outcast caught in a speechless existence. Footfalls: Pacing back and forth like a metronome outside

Against Captain's Orders: A Journey into the Uncharted - Punchdrunk - National Maritime Museum

Cast yourself off into an exciting world of maritime history, derring-do and adventure in this new family exhibition. With so much history secured in one museum – so many objects, so many stories, so many doorways to other times and other worlds –

Oh I Can't Be Bothered - Soho Theatre

Two artists and best friends begin to consider how they might do things differently… or actually is it just too much hard work. They stand with their noses pressed together in an empty room. They hang upside down from swivel chairs. They sit in the b

War Correspondents - UK Tour

While reporting the outbreak of war, a journalist is held at gunpoint, caught in the no-man's land between two nations. War Correspondents is the second song theatre performance created by composer Helen Chadwick and choreographer Steven Hoggett (co-fo

Review: Small War

The excitment, despair and futility of war are laid bare in Valentijin Dhaenens Small War.

Inside Out Dorset Festival

Since 2005 the Inside Out Dorset festival has presented high quality, large-scale, outdoor arts events to more than 85,000 people. Removing the barriers that can make art intimidating to some, Inside Out Dorset brings together incredible artistic work and

Fifth Column - Colab Theatre -Venue Unknown

The Fifth Column is the ultimate immersive experience. Utilising the best parts of real life gaming and immersive theatre, audiences explore London as a backdrop to the greatest story never told. Find secret packages, decipher coded messages, follow en

Up For Something Entirely Different? Try Shunt

Describing The Boy Who Climbed Out Of His Face is quite a challenge. Have you ever fallen asleep in front of the TV only to wake up, disorientated, at 4am to find some bizarre programme flashing confusingly before your eyes, and after you finally drag you

'People are quick to shut down conversations about masculinity'

Chris Goode's controversial one-man play Men in the Cities explores the anxieties facing men in modern Britain. Yiannis Baboulias speaks to him at the Edinburgh Festival.