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Performance & Physical

Fifth Column - Colab Theatre -Venue Unknown

The Fifth Column is the ultimate immersive experience. Utilising the best parts of real life gaming and immersive theatre, audiences explore London as a backdrop to the greatest story never told. Find secret packages, decipher coded messages, follow en

Up For Something Entirely Different? Try Shunt

Describing The Boy Who Climbed Out Of His Face is quite a challenge. Have you ever fallen asleep in front of the TV only to wake up, disorientated, at 4am to find some bizarre programme flashing confusingly before your eyes, and after you finally drag you

'People are quick to shut down conversations about masculinity'

Chris Goode's controversial one-man play Men in the Cities explores the anxieties facing men in modern Britain. Yiannis Baboulias speaks to him at the Edinburgh Festival.

Plain English - Etcetera Theatre

This hilarious and often moving one man show explores the trials and tribulations of Michael England, a newly qualified English teacher, full of optimistic idealism, determined to enhance the lives and entrance the minds of an unruly bunch of kids in an i

Mistaken: A Quartet of Plays for One Actor - Etcetera Theatre

William McGeough stars as four very different characters in four short plays about how easy it is to get life wrong. Through the stories of a football fanatic reuniting with an old friend, a Yorkshire lad with a particular reason for moving south, a sales

The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face, Greenwich Jetty, London

This typically unnerving experience from experimental theatre company Shunt takes place in a claustrophobic labyrinth of shipping containers

Phill Jupitus, Sara Pascoe, Jonathan Glazer on Lauren Bacall, Chef

John Wilson reports from the Edinburgh Fringe as he talks to comedian Phill Jupitus about about his love of art and drawing, which has inspired his new Edinburgh Fringe event Sketch Comic.

Edinburgh 2014 review: KlangHaus weirdly wonderful performance art

Staged in a former animal hospital, animation and illusion combine in a captivating gig-cum-theatrical show.

Review: Brazouka (Edinburgh Fringe)

This dance, physical theatre and circus story is "as interesting as a flick through a home carpentry manual".

Simon Callow in Juvenalia: a major misjudgment Edinburgh festival 2014 review

Callow's dinner-jacketed jog through the writings of the classical poet and grump can't compete with the more vibrant satire on show all over the festival.