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Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, The Rose Playhouse

Is the Rose Playhouse London theatre’s best-kept secret? Or simply its worst-publicised? Either way, this gem of a space, tucked away behind the Globe in Bankside, needs and deserves a greater following. I

Horror Souk - Theatre Delicatessen, the Moor, Sheffield

This Halloween, a new kind of market is coming to The Moor: Horror Souk. On sale are not your normal goods and services. Here, in a cavernous long forgotten shopping complex, you can buy fear, frights and freak outs. Featuring 8 brand new pieces of imm

JOHN, National Theatre (Lyttelton), London

DV8’s dance theatre piece is agonised, lonely, beautiful – and somewhat earnest.

DV8's John, National Theatre, review: 'bravely confrontational'

When the spotlight is on John himself, the work is simply devastating in its impact and empathy, says Sarah Crompton.

DV8s John review a thrilling descent into chaos

Physical theatre group DV8's new piece explores abuse and intimacy but an unbalanced narrative dulls the impact.

Taboo-Busting Dance Theatre: DV8′s JOHN

John is one of those shows where you just know straight away.

John , National Theatre, London

John is a cri de coeur from the lower depths.

Review: John (NT Lyttelton)

Physical Theatre company DV8 return to the South Bank venue.

JOHN, National Theatre

It is no exaggeration to say that Lloyd Newson has created a new theatrical language.

Russell Brand's Trickster Tales - Royal Albert Hall

For one night only join Russell Brand and other tricksters in a night of storytelling and magic as they take you to visit the far away city of Hamelin. Audiences will be enchanted and revolted by the characters that they will meet along away, brought