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Performance & Physical

Analog.Ue, theatre review: Daniel Kitson's new show has pleasing bite

“Committed contrariness” is how Daniel Kitson describes his new theatre show at one point. It’s a description that could just as easily be applied to much of his career so far.

Mozart Undone: mud-splattered melodies - in pictures

It’s Mozart but not as you know it: take a look at Betty Nansen Teatret’s theatrical spectacle, which brings the spirit of MTV and Monty Python to the classical composer’s works. Mozart Undone opens at the Barbican in London tonight.

Mozart Undone: 'Everything has to be hosed down afterwards'

"We use 60 condoms per show," says Nikolaj Cederholm, with a twinkle in his eye. "We've got a special condom girl."

Mozart Undone: A Theatre Concert, Barbican Centre, review

Were there earth-tremors in Vienna last night? If so, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart must have been turning in his grave.

This is the Moon, That is the Earth - Gameshow Theatre - Tour

Matt and Matthew are going on a journey into space and the audience is coming too. We won't be back for tea. Or probably ever again. In the meantime, a few questions: Has anyone seen my crisps? Is there really a rock'n'roll star on board? Is there a

Victoria Melody: 'Dog shows were much more hostile than beauty pageants'

Major Tom, the long-eared, irresistibly endearing basset hound lying in the corner of the room, lets out a low disapproving howl. Awwww, is someone not happy?

Fulcrum Southampton - Nuffield Theatre

Over three days, Nuffield will curate a mini festival of debates, performances and panel discussions between cultural figures, social commentators and world class scientists with work from two of the UK’s most innovative theatre companies.

Opus, Barbican Theatre, London

It has long been established that Circa’s director Yaron Lifschitz is some sort of virtuoso. Like great writers whose words appear to flow on to the page, he creates show after stunning show as if by magic.

I Do - Almeida Theatre

The Best Man is practicing his last minute speech. The Bridesmaids are squeezing the bride into her dress. Mum and Dad are seeing each other for the first time in years. Grandma is dressing her husband whilst the groom’s brother is getting frisky with t

Analog.Ue - National Theatre

A mess of cables. A mound of electronic junk. A single cassette player. And then — Lights. Power Sockets. Audio Tape. Televisions. Vinyl. Neon Words. VCR Machines. Speaker cables. Amplifiers. At least one Ladder. Video Tape. Speakers. Super 8. Mic