Wildefire Hampstead Theatre Autumn 2014

In Wildefire Roy Williams has written an admirably balanced portrait of the serving inner-city police officer, sympathetic but clear-eyed and not sentimentalised.

White Christmas Dominion Theatre Winter 2014-2015

Born in the US and touring Britain intermittently (mainly winters) since 2006, this stage version of the 1954 movie musical finally pauses in London for a holiday season.

The Royale - Bush Theatre

Jay ‘The Sport’ Jackson dreams of being the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. But it’s 1905, and in the racially segregated world of boxing, his chances are as good as knocked out. When a crooked boxing promoter hatches a plan for ‘the

Nell Gwynn - Shakespeare's Globe

It is 1660. The puritans have run away with their drab grey tails between their legs. Charles II has exploded onto the scene with a love of all things loud, French and sexy. And, at Drury Lane, a young Nell Gwynn is getting her satsumas out for the punter

The Oresteia - Shakespeare's Globe

Before setting out for the Trojan War, Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia. Many years later, when Agamemnon returns to his palace, his adulterous queen Clytemnestra takes her revenge by brutally murdering him and installing her

Cirque Eloize: Cirkopolis - Dance Consrtium - UK Tour

One of the world leaders in contemporary circus, Cirque Eloize returns to the UK to perform Cirkopolis. In this new show 12 artists reinvent themselves and challenge limits. They will be accompanied by an original musical score and video projections t

The Heresy of Love - Shakespeare's Globe

In the late 1600s, in a convent in Mexico, a gifted and progressive writer finds herself at the centre of a deadly battle between two Princes of the Church. Celebrated by the Court but silenced by the Church, she is betrayed by the very people she thought

Richard II - Shakespeare's Globe

King Richard exiles Henry Bolingbroke and takes his father's estates. But while Richard is distracted by a rebellion in Ireland Bolingbroke returns to England to reclaim his property and perhaps even take the throne for himself...

Measure for Measure - Shakespeare's Globe

Vincentio, Duke of Vienna, disgusted by the immorality in his city, announces his withdrawal from public life and leaves his deputy, the puritanical Angelo, in charge. Angelo, in his zeal for observing the letter of the law, begins a ruthless programme to

As You Like it - Shakespeare's Globe

Rosalind is the daughter of a wrongly exiled Duke and has fallen in love with Orlando, a courtier denied his birthright by his brother. But Rosalind's jealous uncle banishes her from court. Disguising herself as a boy and accompanied by her friend Cel