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Art from another planet

‘Some day we shall no longer need pictures: we shall just be happy.’ — Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter, 1966 Who says Germans have no sense of humour? OK, so their writers tend to be a pretty gloomy bunch — but like loads of other German artists

Russias stage revolution: when theatre was a hotbed for impossibly space-age design

In the first days of communist Russia, artists created radical sets and costumes for a futuristic new era of theatre that inspired Fritz Lang and even Flash Gordon. A century on, theyre just as outrageous Continue reading...

Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern

Ar etrospective of the maverick German artist seeks to pin down an original, destabilising presence

Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination, British Library

We all romanticise the olden times. Those we think of as belonging to them are no different. The Castle of Otranto - by common consent, the first Gothic novel – was published a quarter of a millennium ago. “Otranto ‘lost its maidenhead’ today,”

Tracey Emin: The Last Great Adventure is You review a lesson in how to be a real artist

White Cube, BermondseyThe body screams in Emins latest show, which moves from crumbling, fleshy paint to tortured bronzes, and shakes the tradition of the female nude to the core. She is now clearly the most important British artist of her generationTrace

Stephen Fry reveals former lifestyle of 'extraordinary excesses' in new memoir More Fool Me

The actor and comedian, who has confessed to a cocaine addiction in the past, explains the difficulty he faced writing his new memoir

Ed Fornieles: Modern Family, Chisenhale Gallery, review: Artist offers critique of LA

Artist Ed Fornieles takes the title for his latest exhibition from the American sitcom Modern Family, which is set in LA. As part of the work he posted an animation image on Instagram of himself with his ex girlfriend (the actress Felicity Jones) and thei

The Art Of The Brick: Lego Spectacular At Old Truman Brewery

London’s seen its fair share of Lego exhibitions in recent years. So what can bricksmith Nathan Sawaya give us that we haven’t seen before? Buckets of dark, playful fun that has some credibility as ‘proper art’, that’s what. The show opens with

The new Turner?

What happens to an artist’s reputation when he dies? Traditionally, there was a period of cooling off when the reputation, established during a lifetime, lost momentum and frequently collapsed, quite often presaging a long fallow period before reassessm