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Architecture & Design

Folkestone Triennial 2014: Lookout - exhibition review

From a baroque beach hut to a bamboo scaffold, a clutch of curiosities makes Folkestone a giant outdoor gallery — and all only a mind-bending day trip away

Folkestone Triennial

The Folkestone Triennial is one of the most ambitious public art projects presented in the UK. Located in the seaside town of Folkestone on the south-east coast of England, artists are invited to use the town as their ‘canvas’, utilising public spa

Folkestone Triennial 2014 review Kent's gold coast mines a rich artistic seam

The third Folkestone triennial draws on the coastal town's prosperous past, war wounds and current anxieties.

Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination - British Library

Two hundred rare objects trace 250 years of the Gothic tradition, exploring our enduring fascination with the mysterious, the terrifying and the macabre. From Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker to Stanley Kubrick and Alexander McQueen, via posters, books

Agitprop, love trucks and leaflet bombs: the art of protest

Titles can be misleading, and in case you have visions of microwave ovens running amok or washing machines crunching up the parquet, be reassured — or disappointed.

Frankenstein exhibition: how the monster changed shape

British Library to display first image of Frankenstein's monster in an exhibition charting the changing face of Mary Shelley's creation.

The Cheesegrater a tower of no small ambition

Overlook, if you can, its crass shape and enjoy instead the dazzling details that elevate Richard Rogers's Cheesegrater.

From Lloyds to Leadenhall: a tale of two buildings

Lead architect Graham Stirk gives a guided tour of 'The Cheesegrater' aka the Leadenhall building, standing at 225m, the tallest office tower ever to be built in Britain.

From Kate Moss to Marilyn Manson, Wedding Dresses 1775–2014 is beautiful at the V&A

This exhibition is every bride-to-be’s dream; it's not only looking at the evolution of wedding wear (men are, briefly, included too), but also a stunning look at how what we wear when we get married reflects who we are.

Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age - The Barbican

Constructing Worlds brings together eighteen exceptional photographers from the 1930s to the present day who have changed the way we view architecture and perceive the world around us. From the first skyscrapers in New York and decaying colonial struc