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Architecture & Design

Fourth Plinth Trafalgar Square: robotic cones may replace Cock

Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth could have its first ever moving statue, as new proposals including a pair of dancing cones, an enormous face mask and a giant thumbs-up are unveiled.

I'm in a Stirling prize winner … get me out of here!

'The definition of an architect," said an exasperated Lord Blake, provost of Queen's College, Oxford, on the completion of the long-delayed, over-budget, leaky-roofed Florey student accommodation building, "is someone you employ only once."

Zaha Hadid: 'I don't make nice little buildings'

Her fans consider her a bloody-minded genius, her detractors a 'starchitect' of convoluted fantasies. As the Serpentine Sackler gallery opens in London, she talks about resisting rectangular design – and why she'd be happy to build in Syria.

100 Works of Art That Will Define Our Age by Kelly Grovier - review

This lavish survey recalls some great art of the past 20 years. It is also, like any list, a hostage to fortune It goes without saying that giving a book the title 100 Works of Art That Will Define Our Age is a hostage to fortune. We lack the necessary

Frank Lloyd Wright's last house - coming to Somerset

Villa designed for Santa Barbara cliffs to grace lakeside south of Bristol, with blessing of Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Frank Lloyd Wright may have been dead for over 50 years, but that hasn't stopped the cape-wearing architect from building beyond th

Pearls - Victoria and Albert Museum

Pearls have long been associated with wealth, royalty and glamour. The Victoria & Albert Museum celebrates the history of pearls in this extensive exhibition featuring pearls from early ancient Rome through to the present day.

Pearls, V&A - exhibition review

Elizabeth Taylor’s pearl earrings and George III’s headlamp-flashy pearl and enamel buttons glisten among a plethora of pearly things.

Strings attached: Pearls at the V&A - in pictures

From a Roman hair clip to a £1m tiara, plus the string Joe DiMaggio gave Marilyn Monroe on their honeymoon, here's our pick of the 200 pieces on show at the V&A's new Pearls exhibition, which runs from 21 September to 19 January 2014.

Marcel Breuer design exhibition - in pictures

Although his industrial-style furniture pieces have become sought-after as modern classics, Hungarian-born Marcel Breuer (1902-1981) is not well-known outside the world of design.

Pearls: the tears of the gods

A stunning new exhibition at the V&A reveals surprising truths about the pearl phenomenon, says Mark Hudson.