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Architecture & Design

Hello World: Where Design Meets Life by Alice Rawsthorn - review

Alice Rawsthorn's exploration of how design affects our lives is most interesting when it leaves the beaten track Design, as Alice Rawsthorn points out, can mean a great many things. You can have designs on someone, as in making them an object of intrigu

The brutalist spirit of the Southbank Centre may be lost to this redesign | Douglas Murphy

A quick glance at the new proposals for the Festival Wing of the Southbank Centre, and it all seems pretty standard for 21st century architecture. Surfaces are replete with grass and shrubs, crowds of happy shoppers waft everywhere, the inevitable child w

Sense of majesty

A new exhibition gives a masterclass in the art of showing off.

Treasures of the Royal Courts: Tudors, Stuarts and the Russian Tsars - Victoria & Albert Museum

Experience the majesty of the courts of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I to Ivan the Terrible and the early Romanovs in a major exhibition at the V&A. From royal portraits, costume and jewellery to armour and heraldry, Treasures of the Royal Courts tells the st

Stratford-upon-Avon travel tips: Shakespeare walked this way

The Shakespeare's Way footpath goes to London but you need not stray from Stratford for pretty views and Cotswolds villages To sample some of the finest countryside in Warwickshire, you can do little better than follow in the (probable) footsteps of Stra

Yinka Shonibare shoots to thrill

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, normally a haven of tranquillity, has been invaded by armed foxes and headless gunmen. Be mesmerised by the hilarious world of Yinka Shonibare Yorkshire Sculpture Park is famed for its eloquent championing of local heroes Henr

A vanishing world, according to Andy Warhol: How the artist highlighted the plight of endangered animals

His vibrant screenprints are more commonly associated with Hollywood glamour queens Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor.

Exhibition review: Ice Age Art: Arrival Of The Modern Mind, British Museum

ENTERING the British Museum's new exhibition of Ice Age art, the first thing one sees is a statue of a woman carved in mammoth ivory. Her hips, buttocks and belly huge and distended, unambiguously fertile.

William Turnbull: punk in the genes

William Turnbull was a giant of 20th-century sculpture. His son Alex, of the post-punk band 23 Skidoo, tells Stuart Jeffries what he learned when he set out to make a film about him When 23 Skidoo played Womad in 1983, they committed commercial suicide.

David Bowie is - Victoria & Albert Museum

The V&A are holding the very first exhibition dedicated to the career of David Bowie. With a selection of 300 objects, the display trace Bowie's creative processes as a cultural icon. The exhibition reveals the wide range of collaborations Bowie has m