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Architecture & Design

The First Bohemians: Life and Art in London's Golden Age by Vic Gatrell - review

Sumptuously produced, this romp through history celebrates the drunkenness, poverty, sex and art of 18th-century London For most of its history, England was something of a cultural backwater. Before 1700, it had to recruit most of its leading artists fro

Pop Art Design, Barbican Gallery - exhibition review

We know Pop art so well that it’s almost become a caricature, so shows which offer an alternative view are always welcome.

Beyond El Dorado exhibition at The British Museum is pure gold

The British Museum’s latest foray into the treasures of the pre-Columbian Americas starts with a glistening wall of gold, before plunging you into an unearthly darkness.

The Pop Art Design exhibition at the Barbican is superbly staged

Size matters in the world of pop art. And, in this first major show to explore the interplay between the movement’s artists and designers, its titans jostle for dominance.

Pop-up art exhibition to mark 40th anniversary of Virgin Records

Exhibition includes recreation of original Virgin Records shop on Oxford Street as well as video installations and photography It is a smallish, dingy, even squalid room with bean bags and albums and litter but it is clearly not yet unpleasant enough. "P

Catherine Ince on Pop Art Design

Some of the 20th century's most iconic paintings, sculptures and designs feature in the Barbican's kaleidoscopic Pop Art Design. Curator Catherine Ince gives us a sneak preview of this season's brightest show

Pop Art Design - review

Pop art: what more could we possibly want to know about pop art?

Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Colombia, British Museum, review

In an exhibition featuring 200 artefacts from Bogota’s 'Museum of Gold,' El Dorado hasn’t quite given up its fundamental mystery, says Mark Hudson.

Beyond El Dorado: Power & Gold in Ancient Colombia - British Museum

The exhibition uncovers the extraordinary metalworking skill of the peoples of ancient Colombia through a unique collection of objects, some of which are being displayed in the UK for the first time.

British Museum's El Dorado exhibition shines light on ancient Andeans

Colombia's little-understood pre-Hispanic cultures are revealed in their full complexity with this display of gold artefacts.