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Installation & Multimedia

Fabrice Hyber: but is it fruit?

A big, inflatable cloud hangs overhead, and a slanting rain falls inside the Baltic in Gateshead. It's only cartoon rain, made from yards and yards of fishing line, which tether the cloud to the gallery floor. Where would artists be without nylon monofil?

David Bowie is - review

" David Bowie is ": the title is an unfinished sentence, which gives the verb a subject but no object, and it suggests that Bowie is everything and perhaps nothing, a whirligig of dressed-up personae, not a person. To begin with, he isn't even David Bowie

Max Mara Art Prize for Women, in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery: Laure Prouvost - Whitechapel Gallery

Laure Prouvost presents a two-part installation inspired by the aesthetic and sensuous pleasures of Italy. Referencing the genre of panoramic painting, Prouvost creates a cylindrical structure interspersed with collages and monitors. This immersive en

Iraq's isolated artists set for Venice showcase

Eleven artists selected for Welcome to Iraq pavilion include cartoonist, photographer and sculptors A political cartoonist whose work satirises the everyday struggle of life in post-war Baghdad and a photographer who explores the emotional legacy of Sadd

Laure Prouvost seduces Whitechapel

The artist talks to Adrian Searle about winning the Max Mara art prize for women - and how to taste sunshine Adrian Searle Cameron Robertson

Will David Bowie attend his best-selling show? Curators try to entice the Thin White Duke to the seat with the clearest view

David Bowie has already broken records for the V&A and the major retrospective of his career has not even opened yet. Whether the man himself will attend remains a mystery, and today the curators begged the media to help entice the Thin White Duke to the

V&A curator hopeful David Bowie will attend exhibition

Victoria Broackes says she 'hopes he will come', as pre-sale tickets continue to set new records.

Bernadette Corporation: 2000 Wasted Years - ICA

2000 Wasted Years is the first UK retrospective by the New York based Bernadette Corporation. The exhibition recasts the works authored by the group since their inception in the early '90s. The origins of Bernadette Corporation lie in the organisation

Michael Landy: Four Walls - Whitworth Art Gallery

In 1977 Michael Landy’s father, John Landy, a miner, was seriously injured in a tunnel collapse at the age of 37. Severe spinal injuries rendered him housebound and unable to return to work. In his poignant video Four Walls, Landy explores his father’

Attachment - IMT Gallery

This latest exhibition at the IMT Gallery contains a variety of works that use a wide range of different media. It also brings together artists from across Europe,all with very different artistic backgrounds.