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Installation & Multimedia

Counterpoint, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

Counterpoint, whose title aims to bring together the diverse themes approached by the artists in this new group show at the Talbot Rice Gallery, is part of both the Edinburgh Art Festival and the Generation series of exhibitions which have been happening

After Dark Project Revealed at Tate Britain

The winning project for this year's IK Prize has been unveiled at Tate Britain this morning (12th August). After Dark was created by design studio The Workers who came up with the idea to re-create the experience of being alone in the gallery after da

Collecting Stories At The Museum Of Water

The ‘Museum of Water’ is situated in a dark passageway underneath the Somerset House piazza. With the Safra Fountains roaring above its ceiling, the alley is dark and its walls are covered in various shades of shiny fungi.

Giulio Paolini: To Be or Not to Be, Whitechapel Gallery - exhibition review

In this elegant and enjoyable show, Giulio Paolini playfully asks the fundamental questions behind the creative act: what is an artist? What role should he or she play? What part does the spectator play?

Digging up the /root

What connects Pong with Toy Story? What connects MacPaint with the World Wide Web? What connects The Lawnmower Man with Baby Cha Cha? We spoke to /root creator Jim Boulton about digital archaeology and his commission for Digital Revolution, in collaborati

Ed Atkins, Serpentine Sackler Gallery, review: 'deeply impressive'

The self-destructive computer-generated avatar at the centre of Ed Atkins's show is hard to like but impossible to forget, says Richard Dorment.

Assemblance by Umbrellium

‘We wanted to explore how people would work together to create things…’   We speak to Nitipak ‘Dot’ Samsen and Usman Haque from Umbrellium about their immersive and collaborative three-dimensional light experience, commissioned for Digital Rev

Stranger Than Fiction At Science Museum

Mermaids, a rodent with a snake for a tail and a winged deer. These sound like creatures that could only exist in the imagination, or are they? Joan Fontcuberta has created a witty and subversive exhibition that will make you question whether his creation

Joan Fontcuberta: Stranger than Fiction, Science Museum, London

The Catalan artist and curator has created a brilliant show of faked artefacts and photographs, executed with maximum plausibility

After Dark - Tate Britain

Ever wanted to explore a museum alone, at night? After Dark is a series of live events taking place over five nights at Tate Britain. Via an online portal, the public will be able to control robots and roam the galleries in search of 500 years of Briti