Russian Avant-Garde Theatre, V&A, review: 'convulsive'

After the Russian Revolution, artists and directors combined to make theatre as radical as society.


You have to hand it to the Russians. They beat us into space, beat us to sexual equality, and a small display of early Soviet avant-garde theatre and film design, tucked away in the V&A’s ‘Performance’ area, proves that they beat us hollow in matter

Anarchy and Beauty: William Morris and His Legacy, 1860-1960, National Portrait Gallery - exhibition review

This show that seeks to present William Morris as a proto-hipster misses the point that he was a socialist, not an anarchist; Morris & Co’s workshops stitched trade union banners as well as table runners.

Giovanni Battista Moroni, Royal Academy

Written in the 16th century, Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists continues to underpin our understanding of the Renaissance, and its author is blamed, often with some justification, for a multitude of art historical anomalies.

Anarchy and Beauty: Willam Morris and his Legacy, 1860-1960

Can you sense a person's life through a sequence of objects? Not to mention influence and legacy? Biographical exhibitions are fascinating, not least because they also tell us something about looking back through the filter of the present. And William Mor

Caragh Thuring - Chisenhale Gallery

This is a new body of work by the London based painter. It is her first solo exhibition at a public gallery. Her work explores the speed in which images are consumed, asking about how much information is required to satisfy intention and how the proce

Moroni, Royal Academy, London

From late-Renaissance also-ran to ‘one of the greatest painters of the 16th century’.

Moroni: Renaissance Portraiture At Royal Academy

Think Italian Renaissance painters and it’s unlikely that Giovanni Batista Moroni is one that would spring to mind, in fact most people won’t have heard of him.

Egon Schiele’s first solo UK exhibition

The artist’s nude portraits are even more daring and disturbing than when he created them a century ago.

Giovanni Battista Moroni, Royal Academy of Arts: Review

This compact display examining the work of Moroni offers a neat introduction into his work as portraitist, but doesn’t reveal a lot about the artist himself. All of the paintings on display are vivid and bold in colour choices, filled with detail th