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Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album - Royal Academy of Art

Dennis Hopper captures the culture and life of America during the 1960's, a decade of progress, violence and upheaval. Bringing together over 400 images, this display shows how the 1960's were one of his most creative periods.

Emma Hack paints nudes that blend seamlessly with intricate backgrounds

The illustrator paints models' skin, making them blend with background

Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders - Atlas Gallery

Danny Lyon's photographs provide an insight into the biker culture of the 1960's, particularly between 1963 and 1967. Forty modern prints will be on display at the Atlas Gallery, marking the first time the prints have been seen in the UK. (Image: © D

Cool riders: on the road with outlaw biker gangs in the 60s in pictures

Way before there was Easy Rider, a young photographer called Danny Lyon went on the road with motorcycle gangs and published The Bikeriders, an iconic and seminal glimpse into outlaw life taken between 1963 and 1967. Showing at the Atlas Gallery, London

The Rudeboys are back, 21st century style

A movement that began in Jamaican shanty towns and became a dominant subculture in 1970s' Britain is undergoing a resurgence, as celebrated in a new exhibition

Cristina de Middel: The Afronauts

Cristina De Middel blends fact and fiction to tell the story of Zambia's 1964 space project, showing this week at PINTA London

John Deakin and the Lure of Soho, Photographers' Gallery

John Deakin was lukewarm about his career as a photographer because his heart wasn’t in it.

Return of the Rudeboy - Somerset House, London

This summer, Somerset House is proud to present Return of the Rudeboy, an original exhibition created and curated by prolific photographer and filmmaker for music’s most wanted Dean Chalkley and fashion-industry favourite creative director Harris Elliot

Long Shadows - Subway Gallery

McHarg's trip to Granada, Spain in 2013 led him to stumble upon the shadow selfie. Inspired by his visit to the Alhambra Palace with Joe Strummer's song "Long Shadow" ringing in his head, McHarg started taking shadow selfies. After returning to the

Caught On Camera – A Review of Two Current Photography Exhibitions

There is still time to catch two current photography exhibitions which document the culture of celebrity from the 1950s to the present day.