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Richard Deacon, Tate Britain

A retrospective is often a daunting prospect for all concerned, not least the poor visitor who must prepare for a gruelling marathon, visiting every...

Turner Prize-winning sculptor Richard Deacon makes great shapes at Tate Britain

An early winner of the Turner Prize, Bangor-born Richard Deacon first found fame in the early 1980s as part of the New British Sculpture set, which also included Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor.

Mark Wallinger: London's line of beauty

Last summer, as we walked along the Thames after an opening at Tate Britain, my friend Megan Piper first shared her idea for The Line. She talked about a sculpture walk that would provide an opportunity to exhibit work that is currently hidden from public

Richard Deacon - review

The Turner prize-winning sculptor Richard Deacon likes to describe himself as a "fabricator", his work often involving both a great many technical feats, not to mention the help of other artists and craftsmen; in 1988, for instance, he made a sculpture ca

Richard Deacon, review: 'Most striking is Deacon’s joy in the materials themselves'

Richard Deacon’s mother was a doctor and his father was a pilot, and he has described his own vocation as a sculptor as a confluence of the two.

Evolving Sculpture: Richard Deacon @ Tate Britain

Since winning the Turner Prize in 1987, Richard Deacon has been elevated to the level of one of the great British sculptors working today, alongside notable names such as Tony Cragg and Bill Woodrow — the latter has a retrospective currently on at the R

Dale Chihuly: Beyond the Object, Halcyon Gallery

Responding to the interior of the Halcyon gallery, Dale Chihuly has created work that celebrates colour and the versatility of glass. When the visitor first enters the gallery the first thing they will probably notice is the vibrant colour and light t

Richard Deacon, Tate Britain - exhibition review

One of the generation of sculptors who redefined British sculpture in the Eighties, Richard Deacon hasn’t achieved the public acclaim of his peers Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor but is perhaps more admired by curators and other artists.

Shakespeare: Greatest Living Playwright - Victoria and Albert Museum

This display celebrates the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare. Bringing together key objects from the V&A collection as well as interviews with key contemporary practitioners, the display will reveal how his plays have travelled across centuries.

Richard Deacon, fabricator and Turner prize winner, gets Tate retrospective

Not everyone will completely grasp the meaning of the sculptures of Richard Deacon but that's all right, the artist has said on the eve of a retrospective of his work at Tate Britain.