Heavyweight majesty in steelworker Richard Serra's return to London

The 74-year-old artist has installed four typically gigantic steel works, full of magisterial, even sexual energy.

Ai Weiwei, Blenheim Palace, review: 'what fun'

The first contemporary art exhibition in the rooms and gardens of Blenheim Palace impresses Florence Waters.

Ming: 50 Years That Changed China At British Museum

The Ming period is probably best remembered in the UK for its intricately decorated porcelain, but it was a ruling dynasty that did so much more for China, including making it the largest state in the world at the time (14th-17th centuries) with over 85 m

Ming: 50 Years that Changed China, British Museum

Here be dragons, and plum blossoms in moonlight, model chariots, 15th-century paper money, weaponry and armour, embroidered robes, blue and white porcelain, vivid portraits of the court eunuchs, obese emperors and impassive empresses.

Ai Weiwei takes his place among the greats amid the opulence of Blenheim

Modern chinoiserie and myths of east and west meet in a chaotic, hilarious, liberating vision of history gone mad.

Anthony Caro: The Last Sculptures

There’s always been something fun about Anthony Caro’s work – even as it was being lauded for redefining the parameters of modern sculpture.

Anthony Caro: the path to Perspex

Anthony Caro's last, Perspex sculptures stand as perhaps his greatest monument, says Alastair Sooke.

Anthony Caro: The Last Sculptures, Annely Juda Fine Art, London

A selection of the marvellously playful, poetic, allusive late works of an artist still experimenting as he approached 90.

Anthony Caro: The Last Sculptures review dazzling disappointments

Although they are undoubtedly impressive for a man in his final days, these works by the one-time king of modernism feel fussy and kitsch.

Ming mania at the British Museum is it time we got over our obsession?

As a blockbuster show of the exquisite Chinese porcelain opens at the British Museum, Jonathan Jones takes a hammer to our cliched obsession with all things Ming.