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Richard Deacon, Tate Britain - exhibition review

One of the generation of sculptors who redefined British sculpture in the Eighties, Richard Deacon hasn’t achieved the public acclaim of his peers Antony Gormley and Anish Kapoor but is perhaps more admired by curators and other artists.

Shakespeare: Greatest Living Playwright - Victoria and Albert Museum

This display celebrates the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare. Bringing together key objects from the V&A collection as well as interviews with key contemporary practitioners, the display will reveal how his plays have travelled across centuries.

Richard Deacon, fabricator and Turner prize winner, gets Tate retrospective

Not everyone will completely grasp the meaning of the sculptures of Richard Deacon but that's all right, the artist has said on the eve of a retrospective of his work at Tate Britain.

Richard Deacon: roll up for the magical metal mystery tour

Richard Deacon's sculptures turn and twist and coil and flow. Sometimes they are solid ceramic geometries, whose weight and density can almost be felt with the eye.

Richard Deacon, Tate Britain, review

One of the pleasures of visiting a gallery is encountering works of art by artists at the top of their game.

Neil Ayling: Composite Order - Berloni Gallery

Composite Order presents a series of new sculptures by British artist Neil Ayling (b.1983), exploring the interiors of Venetian churches and basilica, specifically St. Giorgio Maggiore on the Palladio Island. Ayling encountered a number of these classi

Giorgio de Chirico: Myth and Mystery, Estorick Collection

An exhibition of work by a giant of 20th-century painting cannot reasonably be expected to turn up too many surprises; the most we can usually hope for is a good proportion of lesser-known works to temper the “masterpieces”.

Giorgio de Chirico: Myth and Mystery - Estorick Collection

Highlighting an aspect of the artist's career that many will not have seen before, this display reveals why he was one of the most important and imaginative figures of modern Italian art.

Chance – Form – Language (and a FRANZWESTigation) - Hauser & Wirth

Curated by Julian Heynen, this exhibition examines the relationship between form and chance in a selection of Hans Arp’s important but rarely seen sculptures from 1947 to 1965. In an unusual approach, Heynen positions Arp’s work alongside Passstücke

Richard Deacon interview: twisting chaos into shape

‘It is a fairly fundamental thing in human beings to make sense of chaotic impressions,” says Richard Deacon, “to put things into shape.”